Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spotlight: FriendlyFashion.my

31 July 2012

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So, yesterday (if you've read) I've mentioned about an entry related to the picture I posted on my previous entry. Hence, as promised, here it is.

Now, the secondhand online shopping thing, is nothing new in Malaysia. There have been tons of secondhand/thrift shopping sites before. As well as a few thrift stores here and there, if you know where to look. I've got no issues with thrift shopping. In fact, I believe that you'd find more gems thrift shopping than you do in regular shopping.

However, My main issue with thrift shopping online, is that people who sell their stuff online aren't easily scouted out. Oh there are a few, but it tends to get messy jumping from site to site, which can be a bit of inconvenience to some.

Enter FriendlyFashion.my.

A hub for everyone to sell, swap, or give away their preloved items (clothes, shoes, accessories and whatnot) and make friends at the same time.

Which, in my opinion, is very very convenient. But convenience aside, I thought the idea was brilliant. This is a site that actually brings fashion addicts together, not only to unload their "I-Loved-Once-But-Not-Anymore" stuff, but also to allow them to pick up fashion ideas from each other. Inspiring, really.

There's even a blog where the crew from FriendlyFashion.my frequently post up ideas on how to style the clothes on their site. Very helpful, really. 

A quick look-see:

The structure of the website is clean and well organised. When I came on to the site for the very first time, I found navigation very simple. 

How to guide:

While it's fairly simple (in my opinion) to use the site, because once you tinker a little bit here and there with the contents you pretty much get the hang of it, here are two videos for you that the crew at FriendlyFashion.my have so kindly done up for the benefit of their users.

Part 1

Part 2

The Experience:

Shopping at FriendlyFashion.my has been surprisingly addictive. I've found a lot of gems that I've been looking for for the longest time, but are either sold out, or way out of my price range. The vendors I've dealt with so far are very very friendly. My shopping experience there has been quick, painless, and altogether satisfying. The items arrived in very good condition so I'm very happy. Oh, and if you aren't satisfied with the prices, you can always bargain.

I would showcase my purchases one by one, but that might make my entry a little bit too long (I've splurged a bit too much on this site... It's THAT addictive. And everything is so cheap!). So with the help of Elaine Chooi, a great friend of mine and an amazing photographer, I've done up a lookbook based entirely on the clothes I got from FriendlyFashion.my.

Style #1

Everything you see here, except the black inner tank top, is thrifted. I've put the American Flag cropped top together with the ripped ombre shorts for a bit of a grunge-rock and roll look. And as you can see, they fit me perfectly. 

Style #2

The bra top and the high waisted shorts are both found from the site. I suppose you could say that this look was based off a vintage pin-up girl with a slight twist of modernity. And yes, the clothes fit me perfectly. 

On a side note, both the ombre shorts and high waisted tribal print shorts were bought from the very same vendor. This girl takes old denim and DIY-s them into really pretty shorts like these. You can check out her Facebook page here.

So here you go, my experience at FriendlyFashion.my. Do check out their site. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy shopping there as much as I do. If you'd like, here's my profile. I've posted up some of my preloved items (with more to come, I assure you), so check it out and if you see something you like, drop me a message. Happy shopping guys!

Till next time. Au revoir, lovelies! xoxo

Photography credits: Elaine Chooi
Special thanks to: Deirdre Wong

Monday, July 30, 2012

Teaser Post: I am not dead. Not yet.

30 July 2012

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Nope. Fashion Less Than Three is here to stay. I've just been busy.

Please ignore my flabby arms, and allow me a slight bout of narcissism. The picture has a lot to do with my next post, dear readers. Please stay tuned. I'll have the entry out by tomorrow. 

Photography: Elaine Chooi

Till next time.
Au revoir, dear ones. xoxo