Sunday, March 17, 2013

Outfit Post: Walking on Sunshine

Disclaimer: Before I begin, I'd like to apologise profusely for the crappy camera quality and the horrific angling in the pictures. That is all. 

While the majority of my outfit posts are pretty much with me in dresses, I doubt any of them are as feminine as this one. 

This Project Swissify dress is a soft pastel yellow, with subtle floral prints made from flowy chiffon material. Putting on this dress made me feel like a character straight from a vintage film. So prim, so proper!

I decided to style this dress with a straw fedora, a pair of oxfords, and a bright blue bag. Adds a nice accent, don't you think? The bag was a present from one of my ex bosses. I generally use it whenever I need to have as little things to carry as possible. Very convenient.

I honestly can't get enough of this dress. I felt like such a dainty, perfect girl. This would be great for an interview, a casual day out with friends, a picnic, or to impress your future in laws - I swear you'd look so prim and proper you'll be approved within the minute.

Oh and just so you know, Project Swissify has just updated their page with their latest collection. All pieces are extremely unique so you'd better head on quick before they're all gone. Check it out here! They were so pretty I just had to grab one for myself. 

Fedora: Deeper and Harder
Shoes: Bought at a Bazaar in Plaza Mont Kiara

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Motorcycle Jackets and Nebula Prints

So, I've realised that most of my outfit posts mainly consist of me wearing dresses. In reality, I'm a shorts person. I literally go everywhere wearing shorts. I find them so convenient. Very easy to move around in.

This isn't exactly an outfit I'd wear on a daily basis. In fact, it's completely out of my personal style. But hey, what's wrong with being different once in a while? 

I'm also still very much in love with Galaxy prints. 

This outfit is pretty much my attempt to carry off an edgy look. The clothes I'm wearing are actually stuff I bought a long time ago, recycled to create a new look. What do you think?

A bustier top, polyvester high waisted shorts, motorcycle jacket and a pair of boots. I think the Nebula print on the bustier gives a nice pop of colour there. Don't you?

I wouldn't recommend wearing this to work though. Probably on days when you either want to look scary or beat someone up. I kid. You can pretty much wear it for parties, or an outing in broad daylight, if you're daring enough. 

'Till next time, ciao guys!

Bustier: Markets@Jaya One
Motorcycle Jacket: Cotton On
Boots: Arrogant Minnie
Sungalsses: Brands Outlet, Ikano Power Centre

Friday, March 8, 2013

Who Wants a Vacation?

I know I do.

The irony of my job? I write about travelling to different places, different countries, yet I've never been to a single one of them.

Oh, before you start getting confused, I don't believe I've properly introduced my profession.

I'm a writer. A freelance writer. And occasionally, I write travel articles like "Top 10 Reasons Why You MUST Visit Okinawa!" or "The Many Wonders of Indonesia!".

And believe me, writing those reasons for whatever country or vacation spot I'm talking about, what with all the research I do to back up my points, that makes me want to go even more.

So, why am I rambling about vacations when:

A. This is a fashion blog. People come here to read about fashion. I must be confusing what little amount of readers I actually have (sorry, guys).
B. I have not set foot on any other soil that is not Malaysian. Travel blogger? Me? Pfft. Right.

That's why.

A while back I actually wrote an article about visiting Philippines. And boy, that place sure does sound amazing. Definitely on my "Places-To-Visit-Once-I-Have-The-Money" list. But hey, if it's a chance to visit 4 wonderful cities, all expenses paid, with USD$2000 worth of travel allowances, I'm all for it. 

What's this?
Oh. Just one of the beautiful beaches you could be visiting in Philippines.

Cebu Pacific Air Asean is the number 1 airline in the Philippines, known for its trademark low fares and network of 53 destinations. And they're searching for their very own Juan Blogger. 

You might remember them for providing us with the sexy stewardesses dancing in the cabin to show us their in-flight safety demo. Hold on to your pants, boys, the video's down there.

If you're a blogger then you really, REALLY should join. Re-read the grand prize and tell me you aren't convinced. 

Come on. It's really simple.

All you need to do, is show off your best (or most creative, I'd go with creative) dance moves! Record yourself doing your very own version of the in-flight safety demo dance then submit your entry by 15 March 2013. For more info, click here

It should kinda look like this.

Yes boys, this is the video I was talking about.
I will not be responsible for any keyboard damages caused by excessive drooling.

If you're a blogger, and you're still not convinced to join, well. More for me. MUAHAHAHAHAH!

But really, it's a golden opportunity. You should join. 

And now, I'm off to film my own entry. Fingers crossed!

Till next time.
Ciao, guys!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

5 Most Fashionable Films, Ever

Aside from the story line, the shooting locations, the shooting technique and whatnot, movie costumes have certainly been a huge part of what makes a movie altogether more thrilling. Exactly how many times have to drooled over whatever Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing in Sex and the City?

So here we go, my pick of the 5 most fashionable films, ever.

1. Annie Hall

One of the most iconic films of all time, Annie Hall is a romantic comedy about the ups and downs of the relationship of two mismatched New York neurotics - Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) and Annie Hall (Diane Keaton). 

The film was largely based on the actual relationship between Allen and Keaton. And did you know that Annie's wardrobe was influenced by Keaton's own closet? When the costume designer objected to Keaton's  suggestions of using her own clothes in the film, Allen said: "Leave her. She's a genius."

The result? Women liked what they saw - a free spirit finding her way. The Annie Hall look is essentially a girl in men's clothing - loose enough to make it look liberating, yet fitting enough to subtly accentuate your femininity.

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's

Actually, I can't remember an Audrey Hepburn movie that isn't stylish. However, this is probably the most iconic of all. Who could forget that elegant black dress? The one that spawned all other little black dresses. Thank Givenchy himself for creating the costumes that are now the most celebrated pieces in fashion history.

If you've never watched this movie, please don't tell anyone, silently download it or buy the DVD, watch it, and pretend you've watched it years ago. Because if you've never watched it... Well, just watch it and don't tell anyone you haven't.

Breakfast at Tiffany's is about a Holly Golightly (Hepburn) a New York socialite who falls in love with a young author (Paul Varjak). 

3. Marie Antoinette

The movie about the tragic Queen of France herself, while Marie Antoinette isn't a particularly critically acclaimed film, the costumes are nothing to be sneezed at. Hey, I like a bit of flamboyance in fashion.

Yes, the costumes are over the top. But they portrayed the luxury and opulence of the French upper class to the tee. What with the luxe fabric, jewelled satin shoes, elaborate hair pieces, exotic fans and flamboyant hats, you can't help but want to be a part of that world, even if it were for a few brief minutes. 

That's how the world of the rich should look like.

4. The Great Gatsby

So sue me. I have a weakness for flapper fashion. As described by Vanity Fair: "Summer whites, cable knits, beaded sheaths, and crisp oxfords set against green lawns and blue skies full of sea." pretty much sums up the costumes and setting of The Great Gatsby.

I doubt I've ever seen a man carry out a pink suit as well as Jay Gatsby (Robert Redford), a masterpiece designed by Ralph Lauren. It's actually quite symbolic in the film. Very pale, surprising with a hint of childlike trust - the unlikely purity that will eventually undo the peculiar Jay Gatsby.


5. Rear Window

Aside from Audrey Hepburn movies, almost all of Grace Kelly's movies are the most stylish movies in Hollywood history. While she was only a supporting actress, all of her costumes in Rear Window are classic Kelly. The full-swish skirts, fitted tops, pearls, elbow length gloves and that Hermes bag that we now know as "The Kelly Bag".

Posing, lounging or pacing, Grace Kelly filled the screen with such cultured femininity. Especially accentuated with those gorgeous dresses of hers. 

Fun fact: Did you know that the costume designer Edith Head was nominated for 35 Oscars, winning 8 times including Grace Kelly's stunning pieces in Rear Window? 

Till next time,
Ciao, guys!