Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to: 6 ways to wear a skater dress

I think it's safe to say that if you don't own a skater dress, you're probably not aware of how useful these things are. You're missing out. Probably one of the most versatile dresses known to the fashion world, this is a dress that you can wear for virtually any occasion. You'd be surprised, it's actually quite easy to change it up.

This is a Forever New Skater Dress, you can purchase it for $99.99 here. You can find similar pieces at for RM59 here, for RM69 here, and for RM59 here.

1. Rock and Edgy

This is pretty much an "I-want-to-beat-someone-up" outfit. I'd normally wear this when I'm in a bad mood. If you don't own a leather jacket, it's a good idea to invest in one. They almost never go out of style. And they're great for adding a bit of an edge to your ensemble. 

2. Laid back and chic

This is actually how I'd wear my skater dress on a daily basis - when I'm far too lazy to think of what to wear. Perfect for looking casual, yet dressed up. You can do away with the cardigan and the fedora if you like. I think it'll still look pretty great.

3. Dainty Daisy

If you have some fancy afternoon tea with the family coming up soon, then this would be a great combo for you. Also great to look all sweet and sugary for a date with the boy next door you've been eyeing for ages, or brunch with the girls.

No, you don't have to wear the hat. Although, it does add on to the sophisticated air in this ensemble, don't you agree? Kinda makes you look like the sweeter version of Selina Kyle from Dark Knight Rises.

4. The Not-so-boring Office Chick

We all get tired of our office wear after a while. The usual white blouse and pencil skirt or slacks can get boring. So get that skater dress out and have some fun. Just make sure the length of the skirt is according to the office dress code. 

I'd suggest pairing it with a fitted blazer, for a more formal office look. I love how the red belt makes the whole outfit pop. 

5. Going Boho in a skater dress

Now, whoever said you can't go boho in a skater dress? This is probably my favourite combination out of the 6 I've done (I have a weakness for hippie-wear). Simply add a denim vest or a jacket and a brown woven belt to make this otherwise rather dainty dress a bit more rugged.

6. Glamorous in Lace 

Great for either a fancy dinner, or a partying at a nightclub, you could ditch the lace stockings and replace the pumps with something else (just make sure that it's one of those va-va-voom pumps i.e.: tons of shiny glitter, studs, etc. else the look may not look as attention grabbing). I personally feel the lace stockings make the entire outfit much more eye-catching.

All styling is done via Follow me at to view my other style combinations.

'Till next time.
xoxo, darlings.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Leopard Print and Men

Now, leopard print on women has always been a subject of debate in the fashion world. If done right, it can come off as luxurious, sexy and somewhat elegant. If done wrong, however, you might end up looking like a trashy transvestite.

So in conclusion, leopard print on women, do it right, then hell freaking yes, it will look extremely sexy. 

But leopard print on men?

Please keep in mind that I am speaking of the print. Not of genuine fur. I am not an advocate of animal cruelty, and I will never, ever, wear genuine fur. I am strongly against wearing genuine fur on any part of your body.

I was going through the Burberry Men's Fall/Winter 2013 collection the other day, and I'll be really frank here, I would have loved it, until I saw the leopard print.
It hurt my eyes so badly I cried. 

I don't know about you girls, but I find nothing manly about a man in leopard print, or animal print. It reminds me too much of cruel hunters who put animal heads on their walls as trophies. It is disgusting. True, a bit of animal print adds a touch of style. But all over? No. It's too overwhelming. 

Personally, if a guy clad in animal print tried to ask me out on a date, no matter how hot he looks, I'd turn him down. Because at first glance, I would begin to question not only the sexuality of the man, I would also wonder if he was rendered temporarily blind when choosing his outfit for the day, and has not looked in the mirror since. 

Unless, well, you're actually Tarzan. Who swings on vines, and has the ability to tree surf. And kill evil tigers with his bare hands.
Why, hello there, you hot piece of shaggable manhood. 

'Till next time.
xoxo, darlings.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Outfit of the day: Meow?

I've been extremely obsessed with cat hats lately. They're just so adorable! Kinda adds instant cuteness and a touch of whimsicality to your outfit. So much fun! I've seen quite a few around so I'm guessing they're getting to be quite a huge trend. 

After months (I mean MONTHS) of searching and thinking "Hmm.. Should I or should I not?" I finally got it. It wasn't so much of whether I thought it would look good or not, it was more on the price, and the exact colour and shape. I'm finicky that way. 

I paired the cat hat with my favourite mint green eyelet skater dress and a pair of Mary Janes. While I know that pastel mint green is probably very off-season, I still pretty much love the colour. I felt it brings out a bit of sweetness to the ensemble, while the red Mary Jane platforms and the hat gave it a nice pop of colour.

More interesting, no?

I find skater dresses one of the most versatile dress, ever. You can change it up at any time with virtually anything to give a completely different feel. Loads of fun to play with, honestly. I especially love the subtle eyelet details on this particular skater dress. 

I have a thing for small details.

I love these wedges!

Yes, that is my friend's purple Myvi. They thought it might be fun to see if I could fit into the thing. I was... Not amused.

So, what say you?

Dress - Phat Culture
Mary Jane Wedges - New Look (similar pair here)

Friday, January 18, 2013

8 Tricks to Hide the Tummy Bulge

So, Chinese New Year is right around the corner. And we all know what that means.

No. It's not all about the angpau-s. Or losing money after gambling with your cousin and your cousin's cousin's second cousin twice removed.

One of the major woes I've found in most women I know whenever it comes to CNY, is that bloody tummy bulge you always get after eating too many CNY cookies, or whatever your relatives stuff you with after exclaiming "YOU'RE SO SKINNY! EAT MORE!"

Then you go home and have a good look in the mirror and shriek at your husband/boyfriend/brother/sister/close relative/mother/father/whoever is near you saying "OH GOD I LOOK SO FAT!"

While I don't have a magical wand that I can wave to make the fats go away, neither do I know of any miracle weight loss programs, I do have a few tricks for you to hide the bulge... Besides sucking it in.

1. Empire Waist Tops
This is one of the easiest ways to hide that tiny belly. Empire waist anything fits neatly at your bust, then drapes softly all the way down without clinging to your body. Perfect for hiding the bulge after being stuffed with one cookie too many!

While we're on the subject of tops, a V-neck or open neck top/dress creates the perfect distraction from the midsection, directing the eye towards the face. They also help create the illusion of being taller and slimmer. Steer clear of tight-fitting and/or cropped tops. You are trying to hide the belly. Not show it off to the rest of the world.

2. A-Line Skirts
Here's another sure-fire way to flatten your stomach in an instant. An A-line skirt, long or short, flows easily over your midsection, giving the illusion of a flat stomach. Plus, they're wonderfully versatile. I'd suggest you get one with an elastic waistband if you're planning to pig out on the day itself.

3. Wrap dresses
THANK YOU Diane Von Furstenberg for putting the wrap dress back on the fashion map back in 1973. Up to this day, these dresses have remained immensely popular (check, Kate Middleton's engagement dress). If there's any dress that will flatter your round stomach, it's this one. 

Pick a dress that touches or reaches slightly above your knee. For petite girls, a shorter skirt will make your legs look longer.

4. Vertical patterns and stripes
Vertical stripes, or clothes with vertical patterns tend to give a long and leaner look. Plus, a busier pattern gives the illusion of a flatter stomach.

Here's a tip: the narrower the stripes are, the thinner you'll look. Avoid patterns that are too big or too loud. Smaller patterns help "shrink" your body a whole lot more. Try not to wear anything in a diagonal pattern. These clothes will make you look shorter, wider and place a bigger emphasis on your little belly. 

5. Ruched Clothes
Clothes that are ruched have gathered areas of material that makes you look more "pulled in". I would also recommend tops or dresses made out of flowy and soft material. Scalloped hemlines are a huge help too.
6. Peplums

Peplums. These things seem to be getting quite prominent in the fashion scene in Malaysia. And while I'm still pretty much on the fence about them, I have to admit that they do conceal unwanted areas very well, while giving your figure a nicer silhouette.

7. Fitted blazers

The general reaction that most women have once they start to show a bit of weight is to reach for their baggiest, most oversized clothes in order to conceal it all. Now, why would you want to hide your beautiful womanly curves? Flaunt it, sister! In fact, clothes that are too big on you, tend to make you look bigger than you really are.

So pick something that fits. Like a good fitted blazer. Perfect for the office, or just too look a bit more dressed up. Find one that nips right at the waist, and choose a fabric with a bit of a stretch so that it enhances your curves while hiding the belly. They'll never know the difference. 

8. Good lingerie.
Did you know that a good pair of lingerie is actually more useful than a good outfit? Other than to make you feel more confident on the inside, and seduce your man in bed, these things can help shape and sculpt your body to near perfection. Believe it or not, a good pair of underwear can give you more cleavage, more curves, and even hide your tummy.

Here's where shapewear comes in. This is an amazing way to disguise your extra flab and create a gorgeous silhouette. You'll look a whole size smaller. With these babies, you'll be able to run around in your tightest mini dresses and not worry about anything spilling out. Just make sure you get the right size. You'll want to feel comfortable. 

So, there you go. 8 tricks to hide the tummy bulge. I really hope this helps. But ladies, please remember, no matter what you wear, it's more important to feel confident on the inside. You're beautiful no matter what they tell you.

Till next time.

xoxo, darlings!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Did Taylor Swift get a boob job?

Well now, that got your attention. 

Unfortunately, whether or not she got her boobs done, I'll leave that up for debate in the tabloids. I am neither an advocate for plastic surgery, neither am I against it. My level of "Kepoh-ness" is not that high either.

So, Golden Globes 2013 has come and gone, and it was definitely a star studded event to remember. Best dressed and worst dressed lists are out, but I really don't have a lot of time to do one this year. Instead, I figured, let's pick someone out and have a fashion debate. 

So here we go, Taylor Swift.
Clad in a stunning Donna Karan mermaid tail number, I would say that she looked as beautiful as ever. Being a dress that's completely out of what her usual choice would be, I was pleasantly surprised. So yes, she pulled it off. I mean, seeing her in rich plum instead of plain white and pastels is a nice change.

Minor fashion faux pas though, there was a slight wardrobe malfunction. Tip: check out the first picture, look very closely.

However, I'm not too sure about the hair. While sleek and elegant, I can't help but think of how it makes her look 20 years older. Or it could be just me. In any case, I wouldn't want this reaction from her, would you?

So that's my take. How about you? Leave a comment. I'd love to hear your opinion. :)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

This is Not About Fashion

Like the title says. I've decided to take a break from talking about fashion for today, and talk about.. Well, beauty. No, I don't mean make up. I'm no make up expert. In fact, my make up skills need a lot of work. I'm talking about beauty in general. You know, physical looks.

Why? Simply because it's something I feel very strongly about.

To be completely honest, I believe every girl is beautiful. No matter what shape or size or how we look, we're all beautiful in some way. I get very annoyed whenever a person calls a girl ugly (with the exception of the fact that if, and only IF, she is ugly in character, then by all means).

Because I know how it feels like to feel ugly.

I used to have huge self esteem issues. I mean, I would literally dread looking at myself in the mirror because I thought myself unbearably ugly. I had a huge acne problem. I used to have people making remarks about how my face looked like a "baboon's butt".

Yeap. Me, back in 2010.
Ixnay on the glasses and the dorky hair.
I was dressed up for a play.
Thankfully, that cleared up.

Nowadays, I would say that I love looking at myself in the mirror. Not to the point of unbearable narcissism. Because when I do look into the mirror, it's not always to check out the occasional zit. When I see my reflection, I think, "Hey, I love how that girl looks." I'd like to think of it as.. Self-confidence. There is a difference.

I can point out the number of things that make me, un-beautiful.

1. My right side of my face is smaller than my left.
2. My complexion isn't as smooth as silk.
3. My nose is about as sharp and aristocratic as a plastic bowl.
4. My eyes are neither big, nor do I have the long lusted after (among Asians) double eyelids, and my lashes could be longer and more curled.
5. My lips is neither rose-pink nor ruby red. Thankfully, that is the only form of dissatisfaction that I can see from it. I actually quite like the shape of my lips.
6. My teeth are far from straight. I need braces, something I cannot afford. And they aren't exactly white, either.
7. My hair isn't thick, long and silky, or as wavy as I'd like it to be. It's flat, fine and thin. I've had to blow it everyday so it'd look thicker.

My relatives used to say, "You should've taken after your mother!" My mum had all the features that were perceived beautiful. Somewhere along my transformation from the fertilised ovum to the foetus in her womb, something must have gone wrong. I thought.

All of this, used to matter. It used to hurt. I used to think "No one would think of me as beautiful. No one could love me."

But boy, was I wrong.

It took a boy, once upon a time, and the immense support of my faithful friends to make me see past all of that. You have no idea how happy I was to hear someone tell me, "Hey, you're perfect, you know."

However, it wasn't long after that I realised, I cannot depend on people to make me feel good about myself. Sure, it's a nice ego-boost, but I wouldn't be content. How many validations would I have to go through to accept myself for how I look, be at peace and happy with it all?

Me, 2013
Taken via my clunky camera phone.
I assure you, no zits were edited in this shot. 

It had to come from within.

So I tried this instead. I turned all my imperfections into something I loved about/am grateful for.

I do not have large, beautiful eyes.
But my eyes are the defining features of my heritage (I am Chinese). Which I am very proud of.
I also love that if you look closely enough, you'll see that my eyes aren't really black.
They're a deep, dark brown.
And hey, monolids can be very sexy.

I do not have a sharp, aristocratic nose,
But at least it's not crooked.

I do not have soft, silky and porcelain white complexion (nor soft pink cheeks).
But I'd rather have a slight imperfection, than patches of zits on both cheeks.
Even then, zits can be gotten rid of.
And over the years, I've actually grown to like the tanned colour of my skin.
With it, I feel unique.

My hair cannot be long, thick, and luxuriant (or nice, thick and wavy),
But it's almost always in place, and it's pretty manageable.

And so what if the right side of my face is smaller than my left?
No one is born with perfectly balanced features.
Those that have them are either extremely lucky, or they had surgery.

I do not have the body of a supermodel, I have a tummy, and I am relatively small and short.
But I actually like the way my body is, except the tummy. Which, I am working on.
And I like being called petite. I've always thought petite people were cute anyway.

My teeth may not be straight and white, but hey, I'm not buck toothed, and I can still smile properly.
My lips? I'm happy with the shape.

And last but not least, I am imperfect.
But I am perfectly unique.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.

I did all of that, then I started dressing better. Taking better care of my complexion. I hated putting on make up, so I learned a light bit of it, so at least I did the bare minimal - my normal make up would be, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, concealer and mascara.

And hey, I feel good about myself now.

If anyone were to call me ugly, well, I can only assume that that person is deeply insecure about his/her looks and is only doing that to make himself/herself feel happy. Doesn't matter what you say about me, I'm content. I'm confident.

I have nothing against people who wish to go under the knife. Hey, it's your body. If you really want to change it, go ahead, I respect you. But I do wish that people, especially girls, could be happy with how they look. Beauty is only a product of what the media tells us. Take that away, and we are all equal.

We can't all look like Angelina Jolie, Hyuna, or Jessica Alba. But we can look like ourselves. And that, in itself is what makes us all special.

I end my entry with a quote from a dear friend of mine:

"The sexiest thing you can ever find in a woman is confidence, and the best accessory she can wear is her smile."

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How-to: 7 ways to wear a dipped hem skirt

I don't know about you, but I'm still pretty much caught in the whole dipped-hem skirt mania. I love the feeling it gives me, how the skirt sway and floats with my every mov. You can read my thoughts on the skirt here

When it comes to picking an asymmetrical skirt, it's important to choose one that suits your frame. 

If you're on the skinny side, pick one with ruffles for a fuller look. For the cute, chubbier ones out there, I'd suggest choosing one with a shorter hem. Preferably up or near the knee. If you're petite with short, chubby legs, please for the love of all things fashionable do not wear the skirt with flats. Keep in mind that a dip hemmed skirt shows off your legs, and short, stumpy, and dumpy will never be the new sexy.

Believe it or not, asymmetrical skirts are extremely versatile. There are a number of amazing looks for a variety of occasions you can create with just this one skirt. Allow me to demonstrate.

Here's a dipped-hem skirt I picked from browsing through Polyvore. The skirt is actually from You can purchase it from the site for $26.25 here

You'd be surprised at the number of combinations that you can come up with with this skirt, besides your basic tank top. All you need is a bit of creativity, and a whole lot of daring. 

1. All Glammed Up

If you're due for some serious partying, it's time to put your dipped-hem skirt to good use. You have no idea how nice it feels to dance with such a flowy skirt.

If you don't have a leopard print bustier, you can always replace it with whatever colour or print you have, depending on the colour of your skirt and the accessories that go with it. It's better if you wear the skirt with a belt, it adds a bit more class to the look. 

2. Prim and Proper

This look is perfect for a day at the office, a lunch date, or brunch with the girls. It's simple, yet feminine. Also a great combo to wear when visiting the future in-laws. You can even replace the top with a chiffon collared shirt as well. Keep the accessories simple and sweet. Can't wear spikes and tell people "I'm a good girl! Really!", can you?

3. Laid Back Grunge Chic

Now who says you can't wear a dipped-hem skirt on a lazy day? Pick a slouchy top from your closet and you're good to go. If you're a bit of a grunge chick, then wear a pair of heeled boots. This is a look that pretty much says "I'm a bit relaxed today, but I still want to look good.", so it's great for a casual day out.

 4. A Touch of Bohemian

This is probably one of my favourite ways to wear the dipped-hem skirt. Since we're all still pretty much in love with tribal prints, grab a tribal print tank top (or a plain tank if you don't have one), a pair and wedges and boho accessories like feathered jewellery or anything "flower child" - beads, woven bracelets or hippie headgear, or even a dreamcatcher necklace, if you have one. 

A great combination for a casual occasion, I think. For you college-going people, you can consider wearing something like this to class.

 5. That Edgy Rocker Chick

For girls who like a bit of an edge to their outfits, here's an idea for you. Grab a bandeau ready tank top (you know, the ones with the big arm holes, great for subtly showing off your bandeau, or a part of your bra if you're daring enough), or a loose cropped top and wear your outfit with either boots or studded flats. 

The key to this look is add a splash of edginess to the skirt. So if you have studded or spiked accessories, or anything that screams punk rock, all the better. Great for going out with friends for lunch or a night out on town. 

 6. Almost Plain Jane

Tried, true, and tested, a simple tank top can go with just about anything in your wardrobe. That includes asymmetrical skirts. This is probably the simplest way to wear an asymmetrical skirt. But that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Pull on a cardigan for those chilly days (or whenever you're under harsh air conditioning), you can choose to wear flats or heels, depending on your level of comfort, accessorise, and you're done.

7. Sheer Elegance

Trust me on this, a swanky dinner is the perfect time to show off your asymmetrical skirt. Throw on a dressy top, kinda like the one in the combo I did up, and if you don't have a glittery belt, a black leather belt (gold or silver buckle, NOT plastic) would do just fine. Grab a clutch and a pair of killer heels, your classiest bling, and voila!

All styling is done via Follow me at to view my other style combinations.

Till next time.
xoxo, darlings.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fashion Alert: What to Look Out in Spring 2013

Alright, so we've got nearly two more months till Winter ends, and Spring will be upon us again. With that also marks the end of the Winter fashion for 2012, and the beginning of Spring 2013. Out with the warm Winter clothes, and in with the airy Spring wear.

Now before we roll out with what to expect in Spring 2013, let's have a look at the colours that will grace our Spring 2013 palette.

According to, these are the colours that will grace our Spring wear this year.
I don't know about you, but I love the colours. Especially Grayed Jade, African Violet, Linen, Nectarine and Lemon Zest (It's very hard to decide).

Following the gilded extravagance of Fall/Winter 2012, the fashion industry reversed itself to something a bit more... Basic. That is not to say, however, that the Spring line-up is anywhere near plain or boring. Au contraire, I personally found it quite interesting.

1. Warm weather leather, it's a thing.

It's been a big thing back in Autumn, and it would appear that leather is here to stay. At least for now.

Alright, I know what you're thinking - How can you stand such heavy material in such warm weather? But let's face it, have we ever let that stop us? Leather done right is sexy. You really won't ever regret on investing in well, anything in leather. For Spring 2013, less is more when finding a leather piece. Pick rich colours, and ixnay on fussing over the hair and accessories.

If you're that worried about the heat, try either a sleeveless leather dress, a sleeveless top or a skirt. You'll find yourself far more comfortable with an open shouldered piece, and even more ventilation with an A-line skirt. The more air circulation, the better. 

There is nothing bad ass or sexy when a person is hot, sticky and irritated. So the safest occasion to wear a leather outfit, would be when you know you'll be under air conditioning for at least 99% of the time.

2. Short Suits 

Emporio Armani
If you're still planning your Spring fashion shopping, put this on your list. A look fresh from the runways of New York, it is the ideal blend of both "guy" hot (Heelloooo legs!) and "girl" hot (think Annie Hall). 

I actually quite like it. Not as uptight as a pant suit, yet just formal enough for it to be office appropriate (IF your office environment is casual enough for this, casual Friday would be your best bet, you can even take it for happy hour after). I do believe Barney Stinson would approve.

It's actually pretty versatile, and a great piece to put on when you want to look somewhat dressier and comfortable at the same time. 

3. An Oriental Influence

From left to right: Emilio Pucci, Etro, Prada
This is one Spring trend that I'm most happy about. Possibly due to highly biased reasons. As an Asian, I am extremely proud of my heritage and it made me really excited to find that outfits with Asian influences would be an "In" thing for Spring 2013. 

Think shiny, silky fabrics, kimono-inspired shapes, mandarin collars, origami pleats, poetic prints and embroidered dragons. These pieces are bound to give your outfit a touch of exoticism.

4. The Document Clutch

Probably one of the most useful fashion accessories I've seen for this season, the document clutch is a godsend for all techno-savvy fashionistas. Just the right size to fit your laptop or iPad, these chic and practical clutches serve as a stylish and sophisticated accessory for both work and play. 

5. Transparent Accessories 

Bag: Stella McCartney
Shoes: Michael Kors
Honestly, I'm not too sure about this trend myself. While I find a transparent bags pretty cute, I personally feel somewhat insecure when it comes to displaying the contents of my bag for all to see. The same goes with transparent shoes. Transparent heels can make you look like a stripper (especially when the heels are too high), and transparent straps.... You'd have to have pretty, well-pedicured feet to look good in them. However, I think transparent jewellery are pretty cool.

Till next time.
xoxo, darlings

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fashion Review: All Things Neon

First off, hello dear readers! I'm finally back. Happy 2013! Good to see that we proved the Mayans wrong. No asteroid or earthquakes got us so, let's brace ourselves for a great year ahead, shall we?

Now for the blogpost.

Back in Spring/Summer 2012, pastels were the IT colours in Malaysia. Just, Malaysia. The neon trend, as far as my powers of observation go, was never really much of a thing until quite recently. Personally, I love colours.

While I am a staunch believer in the fact that monochromes, and black and white are pretty much evergreen, they tend to get boring after a bit. A splash of colour in any outfit makes it stand out a lot more, don't you agree?

However, if you wanted my personal opinion, I would not be caught dead in neon. At least not all over me. Perhaps an accessory or two, but no, not my entire ensemble. I say this for one very simple reason:

1. Neon colours are essentially highlighter colours. I do not want to look like a highlighter.
2. Neon colours can make you look like a brightly lit sign post. I do not want to look like a brightly lit sign post.
3. Neon colours are extremely difficult to carry off. You need a certain skin tone to carry it off. Either really fair or really dark. I am tanned. Stuck in the middle, I am too lazy to figure out the colour scheme at the moment.

But that's my personal opinion.

I don't deny, however, that neon colours can make your outfit very interesting. Given that they give it a very attractive pop of colour, it's a great way to light up a plain coloured ensemble. You just really need to know how to wear the colour.

The safest way to wear neon, I believe, is as an accessory. That is not to say I am afraid of experimenting with my clothes, nor unwilling to wear bright colours. I am, but with certain conditions. It is an absolute fashion crime to walk out of your house looking like a highlighter. It really is.

So if you're a little safe (like me, I contradict myself), try wearing a simple black dress with a bright neon clutch, or a white top and jeans with a bright pink neon necklace or earrings. Choose a part of your outfit that you want to stand out, and you'll look amazing.

However, that is not to say that one cannot look good when one is completely clad in neon. You just need a lot of guts and a very VERY good sense of colour coordination, pairing and a clear idea of what looks good against your skin tone, and what doesn't. It also helps when you have a certain type of personality. You cannot be an unhappy emo goth chick who looks like she is going to commit suicide at any time and expect to look good in neon.
Till next time, xoxo, darlings.