Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Metrosexual Man, yes or no?

29 March 2012

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I don't know about you girls, but I find men who dress well highly attractive. Why?

Imagine yourself, standing in front of these two guys, both of which ask you out at the same time.

I really don't think it's much of a competition, do you?

Alright, I know that the saying goes that men are visual creatures, and women are the more... Emotional ones. And that's a fact. But let's face it. First impressions count for everything. Studies show that the human brain takes 7 seconds to make a first impression.

Which is pretty much why men should definitely dress well. At any time, any place... Unless you're at home alone.

I mean, imagine if you were to meet the woman of your dreams.... And you bump into her on the street looking like this.
.... Yup.

There has been much debate over metrosexuals over the years, I believe. Though it's slowly being accepted as a norm into society. Honestly, I think metrosexuals are hot. Guys who know how to take care of themselves are incredibly sexy. But, of course there are always exceptions to this rule. For example, guys who put on make up. Somehow, my brain registers that as gay.

No, I have nothing against gays. I just don't think a straight man can put on make up every day and still be straight.

And men who freak out completely when anyone touches a strand of their perfectly sculpted hair. I mean... Seriously? I'm a girl and I don't even freak out over mine that much.

As a matter of fact, I find it an extreme turn off. 

The conclusion? Yes, men should dress well, maintain their complexion and what not, that's completely fine. But overdoing it really just puts girls off. This girl anyway. 

Til next time. Au revoir, lovelies. xoxo

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fashion Review: (Spring/Summer 2012 Collection)

12 March 2012

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Honest to god, I've shopped at before. Multiple times, in fact. And I must say that they are most definitely one of the best blogshops I've shopped at. Excellent customer service (the owners are one of the nicest ones I've ever dealt with), and good quality clothes. So good, in fact, that you really have to be quick and literally monitor their updates because certain pieces get sold out overnight. I'm not kidding.

Recently, they've released their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. Something I'm certain many PhatCulture fans have been anticipating.

And you know what? They most definitely did not disappoint.

This time round, their Spring/Summer Collection features a lot of soft, feminine pieces. Really in keeping with the softness and warmth of spring and summer. Reminds me of picnics and strolls in beautiful parks filled with lush green trees and flowers.

Now there have been many impressive pieces from their collection. But here are my top 3 favourites:

3. Spring Floral Kimono Playsuit

Personally, I'm not a fan of floral prints. Not because I think they're ugly, in fact I do own a few floral printed clothes. But I rarely wear them, simply because it's just not my style.  And the thing about me, is that I'm so finicky about buying clothes, that even if it's the exact type I want, but in a print I hated, I'd cast it aside like last year's rags. 

But I would actually consider buying this. 

And can't you see why? 

I love the loose kimono top and the flowy sleeves. Especially the flowy sleeves. Very nice indeed. And honestly, a girl can never have too many playsuits in her closet.

Currently available at Check it out here. There are two different colours to choose from. Personally, I think blue looks the best.

2. Glitter Asymmetrical Drape Dress

Simply beautiful. With its glittery knitted top, flowing down to a fluid, chiffon asymmetrical skirt, I can't see how anyone could hate this dress. I especially love the skirt. Such a beauty. 

This dress is perfect for wowing a hot date, a formal dinner or a day out with the girls. I'd have bought it too if it wasn't sold out on the very night it was released.

However, great news for PhatCulture addicts. They've managed to restock the dress and are currently taking exclusive pre-orders for this little darling. Stocks should arrive within 3-4 weeks. Now it may sound like a long time, but I think it's well worth the wait. Don't you agree?

Interested? Check out the Glitter Asymmetrical Drape Dress here

1. Asymmetrical Sweetheart Cut-Out Tube Dress

Now I know that this dress has been out since last month. But it's still part of their Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. You know, when I first laid my eyes on this dress, I gasped. Such a vision of loveliness. It's been so long since the dress came into the picture and yet I still can't get it off my mind. 

This is one of those dresses that makes you look like an ethereal goddess. 

I love how it's sexy, and ethereal at the same time. The cut-outs at the side are so deliciously tantalising, and the skirt is just so romantically goddess-like that I can't help but love it completely. 

Great for formal events, romantic dinners or a picnic in the park. It's a good thing that managed to restock this item. It's a huge best-seller, in fact.

They're currently taking exclusive pre-orders. So if you're interested, I'd suggest you drop them an email ASAP. For more info, check out this link.

Overall,'s Spring/Summer 2012 Collection has been mighty impressive. Check out the full collection here. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for their next update. I'm sure it'll be even more beautiful than the last. 

Rating: 8/10

All pictures courtesy of

Till next time. Au revoir, lovelies! xoxo

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fashion Review: The Blonde Asian

6 March 2012

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To those who have been wondering, no, this blog is not dead. Neither have I been abducted by aliens. It's been crazy lately, and I've had personal matters to attend to, hence the lack of updates. But rest assured, I will update as much as I can on a regular basis. To my readers (if I have any), I offer my sincerest apologies.

Now, let's begin.

Ahh.. That beautiful golden blonde hair. Reminds me of fairy tale princesses like Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. I think blonde hair is at its best when it's nice and curly. From the time I was old enough to walk, talk and read, I've always imagined blonde hair on Caucasians.

Never Asians.

Picture credits:
If I ever made the awful mistake of dyeing my hair in this colour, I will move up to Mount Everest and live as a hermit till my hair colour fades.

Now I'm not saying it looks ugly on ALL Asians. There are always exceptions to this. But the Asians I've met who've actually dyed their hair blonde.... Well, let's just say they should really consider suing their hairstylist. 

Because blonde hair only ever looks good on Caucasians. No matter how fair an Asian is, it's rare to find anyone who has the skin tone of a White.

No, I am not hating on my own race. I'm merely stating my honest opinion.

When it comes to dyeing your hair, you want the hair colour to bring out not only your complexion, but your features as well. Any form of colour, and this includes clothes and make up, should always compliment you. Not overshadow you.

I find that Asians who dye their hair blonde, or light brown, look terribly washed out. Most of them, anyway.   Because it's too much of a contrast.

Picture credits:
Yes, she is pretty. But her features look hidden. The hair colour drowns it all out. 

Again, I'm not saying that blonde hair looks ugly on ALL Asians. Because there are a few exceptions to this statement. I just haven't seen them yet. 

To any Asian who is reading this post, if you really want to go blonde, go right ahead. It's completely up to you. My advice is, however, pick the colour that best suits your skin tone. Because when it comes to fashion and beauty, sometimes it isn't necessarily about what you like, it's about what you can carry off, and what makes you look good. 

Sometimes, even the most hated dress in your closet can be the one outfit that you look best in. It happens. 

Till next time. Au revoir, beautiful ones. xoxo