Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcoming the Year of the Dragon

23 January 2012

Status: Collecting angpau-s
Time: 10AM

I'd like to wish all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of the Dragon bring you tons of prosperity, happiness and love.

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Till next time. Au revoir, beautiful ones. xoxo

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion Review: Super Bold Prints

20 January 2012

Status: Failing miserably at concentrating in work due to feeling overly excited towards the upcoming holidays.
Time: 12PM

If you've kept up with runway news, you'll probably know that super bold prints are among the trends to look out for this Spring.

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The good thing about super bold prints, is that people can spot you from about a mile away. You'd definitely stand out in a crowd. The bad thing about them, is that there is a huge risk that you could end up looking like a clown. 

Now, it's not like I can't stand them... It's just that super bold prints tend to be too loud. I mean, there's a fine line between standing out tastefully, and standing out trashily. Too much of them hurt my eyes. It's like entering a room with nothing but pink paint on the walls and pink furniture. I like fashion done with variety, but tastefully so. 

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I also have this perception that clothes that are too bold take the attention off your face. As a rule, whatever you wear, from your clothes to your accessories, to your hair and your make up, should always compliment you. Not steal your spotlight. I mean, you'd want people to look at your face and say that you're beautiful, instead of saying: "nice clothes!" If that ever happens, take off whatever you're wearing, and burn them.

And this is just the kind of danger that super bold prints give. 

My advice? If you like this sorta thing, tone it down with a more basic colour. 

The verdict:
If I were to be completely honest, I'm not liking the whole super bold print thing. I actually wish it was one of those trends that they pack away in a box that should never be opened. There really is such a thing as being "too bold", and I believe they call it stupid. I will admit, however, that bold prints are a nice option if you're bored of the usual plaid, striped and polka dot patterns. 

Nothing against bold print fans.... Just... Tone it down a little, will ya?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Best and Worst: Golden Globes 2012

18 January 2012

Status: Resisting urge to buy more clothes for CNY
Time: 1AM

Unless you live in a cave, you'd have known that the 69th Golden Globes was held last Sunday. Needless to say, the night was flanked with celebs pulling out their best outfits, hoping to outshine one another (oh come on, it's obvious, isn't it?). I literally sat through the whole thing just to check out who wore what. So here's my pick of the best and worst dressed of the night!


5. Natalie Portman

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She's beautiful. Her hair, make up and accessories are just right. But that dress... What on Earth is it doing ON her? It completely drowns her skinny frame, and I really don't think that should be how you show off your post-baby figure. Also, is she hiding a stick underneath that thing jutting out of her?

4. Meryl Streep

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Thank goodness style isn't a factor in winning a Golden Globe. I doubt Meryl would've won that award when she came dressed in this nightmare. I love Meryl. I really do. I think she's a terrific actress. In fact, she's one of my favourite actresses. But I'm still trying to figure out if she was trying to come in as a cowgirl in a long skirt.... And why she thought it would work.

3. Emily Watson

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Okay, first of all, the dress makes your boobs look saggy. Why on Earth would you wear a dress that makes your boobs look saggy? Second of all, the necklace makes it sag even more. Why would you want to emphasize on the saggy-ness? Third of all, the neckline is too high, and the cutting of it doesn't suit her at all. My conclusion, aliens abducted her and forced her to wear this dress.

2. Amanda Peet

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Grandma? I think I've found the person who stole your drapes! And she made a really REALLY bad dress out of it! This horrible frock does nothing for your figure, Amanda darling. If you wanted to steal my grandma's drapes, you could've at least made an amazing dress out of it. 

1. Sarah Michelle Geller

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According to Sarah, her 2 year old daughter picked out this dress for her. Awwwww.... How sweet. Don't do that again. EVER. 


5. Sofia Vergara

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This Vera Wang number does wonders for her body. It hugs her in all the right places. I absolutely love the skirt. She looks like a mermaid. A very sexy mermaid. Tell me you don't wanna take her home with you.

4. Evan Rachel Wood

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If Sofia Vergara were the Little Mermaid, Evan Rachel Wood would be the Sea Goddess. The woman works this Gucci dress which such grace and poise that I really can't see her as anything else. I absolutely love what she's done with her hair and accessories, too. Tres elegant!

3. Angeline Jolie

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This isn't just beautiful. It's creative with class. Angelina simply oozes elegance in this Atelier Versace number. The fit and cut of it all suits her perfectly. I love that she's added accents of red into what would've been an otherwise boring ensemble. 

2. Emma Stone

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I was actually debating between Emma and Angelina for second place. But Emma scored more brownie points because I loved her dress more. Love how the Lanvin sways as she walks, while allowing us little peek-a-boos of her gorgeous legs. The eagle belt adds a very tasteful edge to the dress, too! Her hair, make up, and accessories completes her look, wonderfully.

1. Charlize Theron

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Oh god. Be still my heart. Charlize Theron, you look amazing. She looks like a dream come true, I swear. Sporting a Dior Haute Couture gown and decked in vintage Cartier jewels, she looks just like a Greek goddess that gracefully descended from Mount Olympus. Everything about her is just perfection itself. I feel tears coming from my eyes now. This is too beautiful for words.

Till next time. Au revoir, darlings. xoxo

Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogshop Review: Sista Closette

16 January 2012

Status: Spamming Mindy Gledhill music
Time: 12AM

Confession time. I'm an obsessive blog-shopper. There. I've said it. It's so addictive, that once I start, I won't stop. And the best part of it all is when my package arrives. 'Cos it's always like Christmas morning when it does.

But despite this addiction, there's always been one issue I have with blogshops - reliability. Because you never know if the clothes are good enough, or if the clothes genuinely fit, or (god forbid) if the blogshop was actually a scam. So maybe you'd find this quite useful.

Previously mentioned in this post, I've revealed my resolve to stick to buying only a Cheongsam top and a qipao for Chinese New Year. Due to my busy schedule, I've had no choice but to do my CNY shopping online.

It wasn't easy, but I will say that I've finally found my perfect Cheongsam Top for CNY.

At this point, I must credit for making my search so much easier.

Blogshop: Sista Closette

A quick look:
Based on what I've seen, this is a blogshop that caters to the more simplistic, girly and casual fashionista, with bits of party dresses here and there. 

This is actually my first time shopping here, and I'm liking the layout of their page. Simple, clean, and accessible. 

Ordering method:
Copy pasting order form on blog and emailing. I'm really not all that fussy about ordering methods, as long as I get replied in a timely manner. 

As a first time shopper at Sista Closette, I was impressed with their service. They replied very quickly - within a maximum of 2 hours, to my email (I've had blogshops who've never replied at all).

I've had no problem whatsoever with them, and corresponding with them has been very pleasant.

Payment method:
Bank transaction. Payment was nice and easy. When it comes to a bank transaction payment, as long as the blogshop owner provides you with the correct bank account number, you're pretty much good to go.

Unless, there's a glitch in the banking system. At least, that's what I've experience so far.

To be honest, I've never been fussy about packaging, as long as the clothes come delivered intact. Although it IS wonderful to receive my clothes, wrapped up in nice packaging. It makes the entire process of receiving the package itself much more thrilling.

There was nothing special about the packaging of my top. Just a simple plastic cover over it. But, no complaints as the top came intact.


You know what they say about never judging a book by its cover? The same can be said about the way my top came to me. Not much to say about the packaging, but the material is superb.

It's made of thick cotton spandex, and highly stretchable. So it's safe to say that if you're a larger M, say.... UK12, the top should still fit. For RM40, this top is well worth the money... Considering the market price of Cheongsam tops out there (RM100 and above, I kid you not).

I loved feeling the material. Nice and smooth.

Single Mandarin button detail on each side.

As I examined the stitching (which is quite well done), I noticed.... This.

'L?? I thought they said free size?????' I thought to myself, panicking. I'm a size S. I'd be swimming in an L. My heart sank. There I thought I'd wasted RM46 (plus postage). But I decided to put it on anyway.

To my delight, the top actually fit perfectly!

Now, I don't want to bore you with pictures of myself trying the thing on (I'm not that much of a vainpot). So I'll just show you this.

Image courtesy of

Because it really does look exactly like the pic in their blog. 

Do you see why I bought it? It's just the right balance between tradition, and modernism. Meaning, the look and design of it is traditional enough for me to proudly show off my heritage, yet modern and simple enough for me to mix and match with almost anything in my closet. For suggestions on how to pair a Cheongsam top, check out Fashion Tips and Tricks: The Cheongsam.

There's also a reason why I chose pink - so it doesn't look too Chinese New Year-ish. Hence, I can wear it even when it's not CNY, or a special event. Thank you, Sista Closette! Excellent decision in stocking this beauty!

The verdict:
I like Sista Closette. I think it's really got a good thing going there, and their stuff are really worth the price. I would definitely come back for a second spree. 

For those of you still stressing over getting a Cheongsam top, go on over to their blog real quick! Last I heard, stocks are running out so I'd suggest you hurry.

Till next time. Au revoir, darlings. xoxo 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Appreciating Sexy Sepets

13 January 2012

Status: Rejoicing over finally being able to eat (have not eaten food for 4 days due to detox)
Time: 3PM

Ahh... The never-ending  monolid debate. Google "monolids" and there will always be questions along the lines of:

"Do you think monolids are pretty?"
"Eye make up for monolids."
"Make your monolid eyes BIGGER!"

Interestingly enough, double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among Asians. And while this isn't exactly a "fashion topic" (I think it's along the lines of "cosmetics"), I've been aching to voice my opinion on monolids for a long time now. So bear with me.

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Alright, I admit. I used to hate my monolids. I mean, come on, they're tiny - the perception of beautiful eyes were the doe-eyed double lids. They disappear into two thin lines whenever I smiled or laughed. Which was downright annoying, and it didn't help that I was an insecure teenager at the time - all the popular girls had double eyelids. What made things worse, was the fact that it was so difficult for me to do my eye make up because it all just disappears underneath my lids.

So I did everything in my power to give myself double eyelids. I stuck double eyelid stickers, and used up bottles after bottles of double eyelid glue. The only thing I refused to do, was undergo cosmetic surgery because I had a fear of needles.

It wasn't until about a year ago that I finally learned to appreciate my god-given sepet eyes (sepet is a Malay term for monolid). And at this point, I wouldn't trade my monolid eyes for anything in the world.

Monolid eyes are sexy. Full stop. Do your make up right, and they'll give you a harmonious blend of sexy and exotic. And frankly, that's what makes us Asians so special.

Image courtesy of:

It's also what Caucasians crave for. Because it's a trait that's unique only to us. No offense, white people.  Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who WISH they had monolid eyes.

And do you know what they call us monolid-eyed beauties? The exotic oriental beauty. 

Just the words alone are enough to make me feel tingly all over. 

Plonk a monolid-eyed girl in a sea of double eye-lidded girls, she'll stand out immediately. And like I've mentioned before, why blend in, when you can stand out? 

Classic beauty!

Image courtesy of:

I understand that people with monolid eyes look half-awake all the time, but that's what make-up is for, darlings. Although I do believe that they're cute just the way they are. But that's just me. So for those of you who have been stressing about make up for your monolid eyes, here are some tutorials that might help.

One for a quick on-the-go look, you'll only need eyeliner and mascara:

And a more edgier look. Something you can put on if you were... Say, going to a party.

Found on YouTube, done by frmheadtotoe

So, for you beautiful monolid-eyed girls out there, fret not. You're beautiful, just the way you are. Sounds like I picked the verse out of a corny Bruno Mars song, but it's true. Your beautiful monolid eyes are what make you special, and exotic. And that's how we Asians are supposed to be - exotic. You don't need blepharoplasty. Just slap on the right make up, and work it. 

Besides, I think monolid eyes carry out the sexy cat-eye look SO much better than our double eyelid counterparts. Don't you? 

Image courtesy of:

I'm not condemning people who have or are planning to go through the surgery. I'm just saying I think you're beautiful enough already, and you don't need it. But, if it makes you feel better, go right ahead. I don't judge. 

As for me, I'm happy the way I am. Sepet, and proud of it!

Till next time. Au revoir, darlings. xoxo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fashion Review: Oxfords

11 January 2012

Status: Ignoring sudden cravings for char siew rice. Still on detox.
Time: 3.00PM

Once upon a time, I had a huge obsession towards androgeny. I would've chopped off my hair into a pixie cut, but my hairstylist said I'd look like an overgrown primary school boy. So I contented myself with dressing in oversized blazers, lots of pants, fedoras and neat shirts.

The piece de resistance of androgeny, to me, were a good pair of oxford shoes.

Image courtesy of:

To me, oxfords were the epitome of cool. I mean, there's just this aura that oxfords emit. But no matter how cool they were to me at that time, there was just one thing that prevented me from purchasing a pair - lack of versatility. I couldn't picture myself wearing a pair with anything but my androgeny gear (my fashion sense has different wavelengths according to mood). Being young and naive, I figured it wasn't worth the money.

Boy was I wrong.

Oxford shoes are the cutest kind of footwear that you can have, and it not only goes with anything, it makes your entire outfit cuter - instantly. 

Image courtesy of:

Ooh lala.

There is, however, one issue that I've noticed with these particular pair of shoes - you'd have to be extra careful when purchasing a pair. 'Cos they tend to look like clown shoes, and they make your feet look big. Especially flat oxfords. So, if you're planning to get a pair, and you're a bit paranoid, I suggest purchasing the ones with high heels - more safe. 

Image courtesy of:

The verdict:

Hot. Oxfords are one of THE best shoes to give your outfit a vintage twist, with a hint of androgeny. But be careful with your choices. I doubt anyone would want to look like an out-of-place clown.

Image courtesy of:

I just had to add this one last photo. Tres chic. 

Till next time. Au revoir, lovelies. xoxo

Monday, January 9, 2012

Fashion Tips and Tricks: The Cheongsam

9 January 2012

Status: Resisting urge to eat junk  food (currently doing a detox)
Time: 2.00AM

T-minus 2 weeks to Chinese New Year guys! I don't know about you, but I'm really excited. Next to Christmas and Easter, Chinese New Year is one of my favourite holidays. I mean, it's the time of the year when family members from far and wide come back home, and reunite as a family. Absolutely heartwarming.

I confess, I'm a huge shopaholic. And Chinese New Year is the one time of the year when I have THE perfect excuse to shop. But this year, I've promised myself that it's going to be different. 

This CNY, I've resolved to buy only 2 things for my wardrobe.

A full Cheongsam, and a Cheongsam top. 

Image courtesy of:

I love Cheongsams. And why not? Cheongsams are actually really sexy. I especially love bareback and sleeveless ones. I think they make women look sultry, and very elegant. Though some might disagree with me, I actually believe that the Cheongsam can be worn, not only during Chinese New Year and special occasions, but on any other day. 

How? Elementary, my dear ones.

It's all in the pairing.

1. Jeans

Cheongsam, My Mandarin Collar

Image courtesy of:

This is precisely why I want a Cheongsam top. So I can pair it with anything in my closet. Wearing a Cheongsam top with a pair of jeans makes your ensemble a little more casual. You can actually prance around in college or on the streets without looking overdressed. 

2. The high waist factor.

cheongsam, Tong Tong Friendship Store

Image courtesy of:

Now, I know that I've mentioned this a bajillion times on this blog, but high waisted pants and skirts, are absolute saviors. Pair your Cheongsam with a pair of high waisted pants or skirt to give it a more modern twist. Add a nice belt and accessories to make your outfit more interesting. I'm not sure how many people would agree with me on this, but I actually think it looks pretty cute. 

Be extra careful if the Cheongsam you're using is skin-tight and made of silk material. I don't think anyone would want a ripped Cheongsam for CNY, would you?

Remember, fashion isn't just about riding with the trends. Sometimes, a little bit of creativity is all you need. 

3. Tights and Funky Shoes

Image courtesy of:, Ebba Zingmark

Call me crazy, but I actually think this works. This is a combo for the the more daring fashionistas out there. 

Pair your Cheongsam qipao with a pair of colourful tights (or tights with a nice pattern would do). However, make sure that the colour/pattern does not clash with the qipao, or you might come off as if you have clothes dyslexia. Wear a pair of really cool shoes (like platform boots, for example), and voila! 

You're sure to be in the spotlight this CNY. 

Well, there you have it. My take on modernising the Cheongsam for everyday wear. So, go ahead. Try something a little different with yours. After all, where's the fun in fashion if you don't experiment a little with it? 

Till next time. Au revoir, sweet ones. xoxo

Friday, January 6, 2012

Spotlight: Rihanna (Grammys 2011)

6 January 2012

Status: Pretending to work
Time: 3AM

Rihanna. Love the hair, not a fan of the music. Personally, I think she's a trend. Not so much of an artist. I remember having fantasies of breaking cell phones whenever my high school mates used them to blast "Umbrella" in class.... Again and again.

The "eh eh eh"-s were unbearable.

But, rest assured, her music has no bearing over my judgement of her fashion sense.

For my first-ever celebrity fashion review on my blog, I choose the dress she wore to the 2011 Grammy Awards.

Image courtesy of:

How she could smile so happily into the camera, while wearing this disaster, I have no idea. 
The hair is nice, I love the hair. And I actually do like her style... Most of the time. 
But this dress is just... Terrible. 

Okay, I know that RiRi has an awesome body (as my guy friends have reminded me SO many times). But for some reason, I feel that this number by Jean Paul Gaultier, does nothing for her figure. This dress somehow added 10 pounds on her. Maybe it's the ruffles. Too much. 

I mean, the first thing I noticed about her when I saw this picture wasn't even her face, or her hair. It was the dress. Or the ruffles, to be specific.

She looks like a Christmas tree. It's like someone used white ruffles as tinsel, and wrapped it all around her. Which, although appealing to some in the bedroom... Well, this is the Grammy's, sister. 

The verdict?

Not hot. Not at all. Urgh. What WAS she thinking? No, no. Was she even thinking.... AT ALL???

Till next time. Au revoir, sweeties. xoxo

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fashion Review: The Peter Pan Collar

4 January 2012

Status: Salivating over Asos Dresses
Time: 5AM

Ahh.. The Peter Pan Collar! While I'm not too sure of why they named it that way... I mean, it doesn't even remind me of Peter Pan! As a matter of fact, I'm strongly reminded of Victorian schoolgirls whenever I see it.

However, there IS one thing I'm sure of - the Peter Pan Collar has been taking the Fashion World by storm.

And frankly, I'm not surprised. With vintage becoming increasingly popular, it's natural that this little darling is back on our clothes.

Image courtesy of:

In my honest opinion, I'm very fussy when it comes to Peter Pan Collars. I have a weird conviction about collars - too high = too old. This is no different. In fact, Peter Pan Collars that are too high remind me of sweet little old grandmothers. You know, the ones in old children's books. 

Don't get me wrong, I think these collars are one of the best things to make a come back into the Fashion Scene. I mean, they make the entire outfit look absolutely darling! But I have my misgivings about the style, if the collar is too high. It looks too stuffy to me. 

Image courtesy of:

I'm sorry, I can't lie. Emma Watson, she's gorgeous and I worship her, but the thing at her neck makes her look like a Victorian school teacher. And I don't mean that in a good way. It puts so many years on her. She looks like she's 30 in that dress. Will someone PLEASE REMOVE THE COLLAR??

Peter Pan Collar Trend for Fall 2011 Trend 2011   Peter Pan Collar for Fall

Image courtesy of:

This, on the other hand, I love. Oh God. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

The verdict?

Hot. But with conditions. Let the collar not be high, please. Peter Pan Collars are wonderfully feminine and sweet. I love the sense of old school fashion it brings, but for the love of Anna Wintour, them high collared Peter Pans have got to go. 

Till then. Au revoir, loved ones. xoxo

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jazz Up Your Wardrobe: Back To Work In Style

2 January 2012

Status: Blasting Lana Del Ray Music
Time: 7AM

Hello lovelies! Before I start off, I'd like to wish you all a Happy 2012! I hope New Year's Eve was as memorable for you, as it was for me.

With a new year comes new possibilities, new adventures, and exciting new fashion trends. It also means the end of the holidays.... And back to work. Depressing, much? Maybe.

Here's a tip to shoo away your blues: DRESS UP.

I don't know about you, but I always find going back to work more fun when I do it in style. There's just something about dressing up that really perks me up. Pretty much like telling yourself "I'm beautiful" into the mirror everyday before going to bed.

I don't know about you, but I get really bored with seeing the same old office wear everyday. I mean, shirts, slacks and pencil skirts with the occasional blazer for meetings is fine. But too much of it just looks redundant.

Honey, I know this looks sharp, but wearing this in different colours for almost 365 days in a year is just.... Boring. We are humans, not robots. We are allowed to have variety in our lives.

Image courtesy of:

So let me suggest a few ways to jazz up your work-wear:

1. A new bottom.

Nothing major. Just some new slacks or skirts that's a little bit different from the standard black, grey, or blue.

Images courtesy of:,

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Bold colours to work? YOU MAD, WOMAN??" But hear me out here. While understated colours like black, blue, grey and the like are safe and functional, but a bit of colour never hurt anyone. If you're really afraid of sticking out like a sore thumb, don't colour block your ensemble. Tone down the loud colours with the more understated ones.

When it comes to skirts though, you have a bit more choice. Get a peplum skirt, or something a bit different. Like these:

Images courtesy of:,

2. Accessorise.

Remember girls, accessories are your friends. While it's probably not a good idea to wear flashy jewellery if you're working in a corporate environment, there are some subtle changes you can make to your office-wear with your accessories. Also, if you don't feel adventurous enough for my first suggestion, this one's for you. 


Image courtesy of:

Scarves are a great way to jazz up your work-wear, and still look appropriate. You can even wear them in many different ways. Here's a video I found on YouTube by wendyslookbook.

25 ways of wearing a scarf


RED BOW Rockabilly Waist Cincher Belt 50s Pinup Burlesquebelts

Images courtesy of:,

Awesome for bending the rules of corporate office dressing, and subtly perking up your outfit. For clinchers, opt for cute ones or something a little less conventional. For belts, try one in a different colour. Lime green, perhaps? 



Image courtesy of:

These are the most subtle, yet elegant way of playing up your office wear. Pin on a nice brooch or two on your blazer to make it look less boring. Just don't go overboard. 

3. Shoes

Clothes may make a woman, but her shoes complete her. At least that's what I think. Invest on a gorgeous pair of heels to wear to work. Especially on the days when you really REALLY don't feel motivated enough to drag yourself out of the house. Consider them your "pick me up heels". Slip them on, and voila! Instant motivation.

Image courtesy of:

And isn't it a nice change to see yourself in a different pair of shoes to work?

4. Hair

While this isn't exactly "Jazzing up your work-wear", it's a great way to make you feel better about yourself. A new haircut, hairstyle, or haircolour never fails to make a person happier, somehow (provided that it's a good one, of course). It's also a wonderful way to start off the new year.

Short-Hairstyles-For-Women.jpg (325×400)

Image courtesy of:

However, if you don't feel like cutting your hair short, or colouring it differently, here are 6 chic hairstyles that you can use to jazz up your hair for work. And they're very easy to do!

Stumbled upon in YouTube, done by LetsMakeitUp1
Check out her channel! Loads of useful hair tutorials. :)

In my opinion, in order for one to feel good, one must look good. I mean, looking good when walking out of the house gives my confidence a huge boost. And I'm pretty sure most girls feel the same. 

This is even more important when going to work. Not only does it bring you a better image to your boss (and a possible promotion), but it's redundant enough to be working from 9 to 5, 5 days a week, 12 months a year. So why not make yourself feel good, by dressing up a little more? 

Besides, dressing up is a women's privilege. Don't you agree?

Till then. Au revoir, beautiful ones. xoxo