Wednesday, November 26, 2014

5 Types of Skirts Every Girl Should Have in Her Wardrobe

I’m not really the kind of girl who enjoys wearing skirts. If you know me well enough, you’d probably see me sporting a pair of shorts and a comfy t-shirt most of the time. However, I do love dressing up once in a while. And while I love the convenience of slipping on a dress, I find that it’s actually pretty fun to play with skirts and mix everything up a little.

As we all know, fashion is something that has evolved a lot over the years. Once upon a time, wearing anything above the heel would be unthinkable for a lady. These days, you can pretty much get away with any kind of hemline – as long as it fits the occasion. But there are a few types of skirts that remain an absolute godsend to a lot of girls.

1. The Basic Skater Skirt

Let me put it this way, if you ever get the chance to go through a girl’s closet, chances are you’ll probably find at least one of these in there. The skater skirt is actually one of the most essential items a girl should have in her closet. I could go on and on about the number of styles you can create with it – it’s that versatile.

2. The A-line Midi Skirt

Although the Midi trend only just made a comeback, it’s actually really useful for those of us who need to put on something a little more prim and proper in the office – without having to end up looking like a boring high school librarian.

Sure, it’s a little bit on the conservative side at first glance, but with a bit of ingenuity, you can actually style up the midi skirt in an exciting variety of ways!

3. The Pencil Skirt

Should you ever need to go to a formal meeting, this skirt would be your lifesaver. Of course, pencil skirts don’t necessarily equal boring. All you really need is a bit of creativity.

And if you style it right, you can even turn it into a casual day-to-day outfit, or something more party-appropriate!

4. The Slit Skirt

When it comes to fancy dinners or formal occasions, a large majority of us generally pull out our prettiest dresses and work the room. However, a slit skirt adds a bit more depth to your ensemble. If styled properly, the slit skirt can actually pass off as a really cool twist to your formal wear. And let’s face it, nothing teases the crowd better than that small sliver of leg every now and then.

Of course, slit skirts aren’t just made for formal occasions. Sometimes, you can even make them street chic-worthy.

5. The Mini Pencil Skirt

Like the Basic Skater Skirt, the mini pencil skirt is actually a bit of a staple wardrobe item. Not only do they go with just about anything, they add a touch of sexy to your outfit – even more so than the skater skirt, which pretty much leans towards the girly girl thing.

Sure, they’re pretty much like the long pencil skirt, but they’re less work-appropriate, more casual and party-worthy. Trust me, you’ll need this for your days off.

The Skort

Okay. This is a bit of a cheat, but skorts are a blessing. It’s like having both the mobility and comfort of shorts, while retaining the feminine look with great ease. They’re actually one of my favourite go-to fashion pieces at the moment!