Tuesday, March 24, 2015

How to: Choosing the Perfect Earrings For You

I’m a really lazy girl. As much as I love looking (and sometimes actually owning) the sparkly jewellery on display in shopping malls, I hardly ever change up my default jewellery-wear. This is especially true when it comes to my earrings – simply because I have always made excuses to myself, saying that my ear studs are pretty enough to go with just about anything.

Deep, deep down, I know that isn’t the complete truth.

Sure, ear studs go with every thing, but they hardly contribute to making an outfit really pop. Observe the difference:

Probably not the best example I should have given. But you understand what I mean, yes? Earrings do make a difference.

Now comes the important part – choosing ones that suit you.

Did you know that earrings can actually enhance the shape of your face? Well, now you do.

1.    Oval faces

Oh you lucky, lucky souls. You are truly blessed. You can basically carry off any kind of earring, ‘cos your face is that versatile. But if you’re really looking to enhancing those naturally elegant features, try oval-shaped dangling earrings. Tear-drop earring work too! They’ll create a sense of symmetry and balance on you, making you look more stunning than you already are!

2.   Round Faces

Picture via indianfashion.guru

People born with round faces are generally associated with joy and youthfulness. In fact, most round-faced folks actually look younger than they really are! While I personally find them extremely adorable, round faces have a tendency to come off as “puffy”. So, to minimise the puffiness, try putting on dangling earrings – preferably teardrop or pieces with long, angular designs. Avoid dangling circular earrings.

3.   Heart Shaped Faces

Picture via indianfashion.guru

Now, if you’re born with a heart-shaped face (like me), you probably have a nicely defined chin and amazing cheekbones. You’re also supposedly a rare find. Personally, I think heart shaped faces have a very dainty and delicate sort of thing going on there. To really enhance those gorgeous features, slip on a pair of dangle, teardrop or chandelier earrings. Diamond shaped ones would add an interesting contrast to your features!

4.   Square Faces

Picture via indianfashion.guru

If the width of your forehead, cheeks and jawline are equal and your features are sharp and angular, chances are that you were born with a square face. And you should consider yourself lucky. Loads of famous people in the past and present are blessed with this ultra photogenic feature. Plus, square faces tend to age well. Look for elongated, dangling or hooped earrings to soften and balance out your features. To add a bit of drama to your look, choose oversized hoops that brush the jaw line or extend below the jaw line. Avoid wearing very wide earrings.  

5.   Rectangular Face

Picture via www.wixonjewelers.com

Picture via www.insideoutstyleblog.com

Rectangular faces (sometimes known as “oblong”) pretty much have the same features as square faces do, only more elongated. I find women with rectangular faces particularly elegant and distinguished. To bring out the best features of your face, don a pair of pearl earrings to minimise the length. Clustered pearl earrings that dangle far below the earlobe would look especially gorgeous on you. Remember, long dangle earrings tend to minimize the length of very narrow faces. But look for pieces with elongated curves. This will accentuate the cheekbones and add softness to your face.