Monday, May 20, 2013

Outfit Post: Yes, I still think Aztec Print is Cool

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. It's been crazily busy. But surprise, surprise, kittens, I'm back. This is actually a very overdue outfit post. I wore this for my uncle's wedding a while back. And yes, I realise how last season this is, but I still love Aztec print. 

I got the dress from Kaleidoscope Sunday. Do check them out, they've got an amazing and very affordable  range of clothes. Paired this with a pair of black Viss pumps, a box clutch from Creole, and accessories from DIVA. 

For this elegant look, I kept accessories at a bare minimal, so it wouldn't take the attention away from the ensemble. I think the outfit stood out pretty well. I mean, you don't exactly see many people wearing print to wedding dinners. At least, not to the ones I've been to. 

I rarely paint my nails (I'm really too lazy to be bothered), but since it was a special occasion, I figured... Why not? For the occasion, I used OPI's "Do You Lilac It?". A very nice shade of purple, don't you agree?

Check out the huge rock on my finger!
Alright it's not real. But a girl can fantasize, can't she? 

'Till next time, toodles!

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