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Fashion Review: IWearSin - The English Rose

4 April 2012
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Online Boutique:

Now, I've made no secret of the fact that I'm a huge fan of So when they launched a completely new collection on their site, I was absolutely thrilled.

Introducing a completely new line of clothes with soft, demure, feminine features,'s newest collection is aptly named The English Rose. 

As I've mentioned before in my previous review for, this is one online boutique that has always come up with completely unique pieces, every time. Needless to say, The English Rose Collection is no different. 

I'll be completely honest. I was stunned. I love the pieces. Every one of them. I love the soft pastels, the laces, and the flowy chiffon. From the moment I laid eyes on the new collection, I could already sense that they had a few best sellers right there. As always, has never failed to amaze me.

As I looked through the entire collection, I was heavily reminded of afternoon tea parties with Dukes, Duchesses, and people of nobility. It's no wonder they named this collection "The English Rose".

And of course, I couldn't resist. I had to grab a few pieces for myself. All very impressive, quality superb as always, but we're not going to go into those today.

Here are my top 3 favourite pieces:

3. Almost A Lady Dress

Now isn't this the sweetest thing? This dress, along with Sweetness in Simplicity are probably the sweetest dresses of the collection. But if you asked my honest opinion, I prefer Almost a Lady. Why? Elementary, dear ones. You see that sash on the dress? You could get really creative with it, and tie it however you want. And I'm not talking about just the front and back. It's long enough that you can really play with it. 

Kinda like this.

Any Gossip Girl fans out there? Doesn't this just scream Serena Van Der Woodsen? Cos I can totally picture her wearing this. Between Serena and Blair, I've always favoured Serena's sense of style. So naturally, I fell completely in love with this. 

This beauty is a bustier dress featuring an almost-bare criss-cross back, and a deliciously flowy asymmetrical skirt overlay made of chiffon. I practically fantasize myself wearing this dress with a pair of killer heels every night since I laid my eyes on it. Can't you just imagine the beautiful way the skirt swishes and sways along with your body? I certainly can!

This is the first piece in the entire collection that caught my eye. I knew immediately that it was going to be sold out within days. And I was right. In approximately 3 days, The English Rose was no longer in stock. 

And can't you see why? It's simply one of the most gorgeous dresses I've ever seen! Correction, it's more than just a dress, it's a work of art. Simply beautiful. The beauty of it all just left me speechless. I honestly have no words for this. It's too beautiful! If you're looking to be the center of attention in an event of any sort, this is THE dress. 

Oh, and I've just found this out on's Facebook page. Famous LookBooker, Charlotte Clothier got herself a specially customised version of The English Rose.

Ooh La La.

And based on what she's said on her LookBook post, I think she's pretty much in love with it too. 

While all 3 pieces are sold out, don't worry. Simply go to the individual pages of each dress, and provide the website with your email, so you'll be notified immediately when there's a restock. And I have a very VERY strong feeling that they will be restocked very soon. 

The conclusion? has amazed me, once again. They've been doing so since I first found out about them, and they've been keeping it up very well. I can't wait for their next collection. I believe that it's going to be even better than the last. 

Rating: 9.5/10

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Till next time. Au revoir, beautiful ones. 

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