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12 April 2012

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Hello beautiful people.

When relaunched their website, I initially thought it was simply a revamp. You know... Sleeker interface, nicer pictures and so on. But when I finally got down to checking out their new site, I was in for a really nice surprise.

Sure, they did come back with better pictures, a gorgeous new layout and the like, but what really got me excited, was their brand new feature.

Customisable clothes done online.

Who'd have thought? I've yet to find any online boutique who's done this before. Cross my heart and swear to God. 

I just had to jump onto the bandwagon. And I have to say, I'm so glad I did. 

Here's how you do it. 

1. Pick a SIN, any SIN. 

2. Get creative.

Choose from any of these pretty accessories.

Then drag and drop them and arrange them as you like to prettify the outfit of your choice..
Click on the outfit and drag your cursor from left to right in order to rotate it 360 degrees.
This allows you to decorate every single inch of the outfit, if you wish to.

3. Name it and add it to your shopping bag, or submit to community.

Give your design a nice name, then select "Add To Bag" if you wanna have it in real life. 
Or, choose "Submit To Community" to get it featured on's website.

Once your design is featured, get all your friends to "Heart" it. 
'Cos the designer with the most "Heart"-s of the week gets a voucher worth USD50.

Pretty cool eh?

Oh, and you can actually earn money from this. 
If someone buys your design, you'd have a share in the profits. 
Who could say no to extra cash?
Contact the site owners for more details. 

And so, after hours of painstaking indecisiveness (the add-ons were just too pretty), I finally completed my design. 

So, what'cha think? 

I think my main concern in all of this was the quality of the customisation. Despite knowing that the add-ons would be hand sewn (which should mean that the stitching would be more solid) on the dress, I still had wild  images of the rosettes dropping off after one wash. I confess, I'm a little paranoid. So when the dress came I literally checked every single stitch.

And you know what? It's better than I expected. 

The material was surprisingly good. And the add-ons were made up of really good quality stuff. 

See that tiny bit of stitching there? That's one of the stitches for one of the rosettes in my design. It's so small, you can barely see it. That's a sign of skilful needlework right there.

Before I forget to mention, the dress arrived within a day. Despite knowing how fast the people at SIN work, I thought the customisation and all would've made shipping my dress a bit slower. Which is understandable. I'm glad to say that I was wrong, again.  

Needless to say, from the moment I had the dress, I was dying to put it on. I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

I'm especially obsessed with the back. Too cute!
I paired it with a pair of Mary Janes to bring out a a bit of a sweet, romantic, vintage vibe.

Of course, you could wear it the other way around. Just make sure you've got a tube top on, 'cos that V-shaped drop is deep. I think it'd look really sexy with a lace tube. Also, this dress is actually a bit short. So unless you're really petite (or if you're dying for some Marilyn Monroe action), it's best worn with a pair of tights. Black, white, or pastels would be perfect. But if you're feeling adventurous, try some neon coloured ones. Or, you could turn it into a top and wear a pair of mini shorts underneath. 

The conclusion? I love this new feature. It's the most innovative thing I've ever seen on the online clothes shopping scene. I mean, who'd have thought? I have a feeling this is gonna be the next biggest thing online. And to be able to maintain the quality and great service with this entirely new thing? That's something., you amaze me. 

Check out their latest feature here.

Till next time. Au revoir! xoxo

Picture credits to:  and my clunky old Canon.
Special thanks to: Elaine Chooi for helping me take the beautiful pictures. 

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