Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Men in Suits

16 May 2012

Status: Fantasising over owning Manolo Blahniks.
Time: 2AM

I don't know about you girls, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING (with the exception of a man in a military/navy uniform) turns me on more than a man in a suit.

Now tell me you don't want to make babies with him. 

A man in a suit to a woman, is like how a woman in lingerie is to men. Irresistible. Males, you got your eye candy in my last post. Now it's our turn. 

You see, there's just something very appealing about a man in a suit. All dressed up and looking oh-so-classy. There's an aura about him that makes him almost unapproachable, yet you really can't help but want to. And, hopefully, you'll get to rip it off him some time later. A man who puts on a suit, pretty much puts himself in a league of his own.

Let's be honest, if these two people walked up to you and asked you for a date, who would you pick?

I'd pick the one on the left. No, really.
Yes. I know that the one on the right is Brad Pitt.
No. I don't care even if he did walk up to me and ask me out because he looks like an unkempt bum, and frankly, next to my friend over there, he looks horrible. 
Yes, I would willingly turn down Brad Pitt.
No, I am not mentally deranged. Neither do I have a fever.

Sex appeal aside, if a man in a suit came up and wanted to... Say propose a business to you, or sell you something, wouldn't you trust him a little more?

My point exactly.

Oh, and unless you're Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs (or a person in the creative line-advertising, even then it's advisable for the said creative person to actually dress properly), please do not attempt to do any presentation in t-shirt and jeans. Unless you wish for the presentation to fail - miserably. 

Now, thanks to the help of two very good friends of mine, I'm going to stop blabbing for now and show you pictures of two very good looking men looking extremely delicious in suits. 

A man in a suit, done right.

This is Kevin. He's 22, and a straight A student who is currently taking up ACCA at Sunway University, right after he completed his degree at Taylor's University.
I am highly aware that the clothes he's wearing in the last three pictures of him aren't exactly suits, but he looks so good in the pictures, I had to include them. 
Hey, a man who dresses well is incredibly sexy too.
Thank you, Kevin, for letting me use your pictures for this entry.
Fun fact: When I saw him dressed like that, I found great difficulty in turning away. 

This is William. He's 20 and currently pursuing Foundation in Arts at HELP University. 
Special thanks goes to him, really. Because I had him do a full-on photoshoot for this entry. 
The poor guy was practically baking in his suit. 
But I'll be honest right here, I couldn't keep my eyes off him from the minute I saw him in the suit.
Because, really, men in suits - my weakness right there. 
Broad shouldered and well-built men, look especially delicious in them. 

So here's a tip for any man who's reading this entry:

If you're ever planning to impress a girl/get lucky, wear a suit, maybe grab a bouquet of roses and just show up at her doorstep. I doubt any girl would find it easy to turn you down. I know I wouldn't. 

Unless, well, there's a man wearing a military/navy uniform right next to the guy. But that's a story for another day.

There is some truth behind Barney Stinson's ever prominent advice. Ever wondered how he managed to sleep with so many women? I'm telling you, it's the suit. 

So guys, SUIT UP!

Till next time. Au revoir, lovelies. xoxo

Special thanks:
Models: Kevin Tan Tiam Loong, William Sapawi
Photographers: Elaine Chooi, Cheryl Leong, Nelson


  1. Replies
    1. "Sexyterys" <--- author is confused. What are sexyterys?

  2. On any day and in any season, i would say the best dressed people, be it male or female or gay, are the French. Just sit out at any cafe in Paris and you can see for yourself the world of fashion passing you by. Everyone is so properly dressed from head to toes. They beat the English, the Americans , the Spanish as well as the Italians!

    1. I agree! If only we could have that over here in Malaysia. It'd make the fashion scene here so much more interesting. :)

  3. in suits. Yums. :P And RDJ is absolutely delicious even when he's not in his Iron Man suit.
    Yes, I would definitely want a man who is willing to suit up. :D