Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blogshop Review: Bluey Joyce Online Boutique

5 June 2012

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Blogshop: Bluey Joyce Online Boutique

A quick look:
Although this is the first time I've shopped at Bluey Joyce Boutique, this blogshop has been around for quite a while. I loved the design of their site. Simple, neat, with a bit of a vintage vibe. It goes with the name for their boutique.

After skimming through a few of their outfits, I've noticed that most of the stuff that they sell are along the lines of smart casual and formal wear. If you're looking towards jazzing up your workwear, this is the place to go.

Ordering method:
1. Simply click the "Order Form" tab at the very top of the site.

2. Fill up the order form.

Or, you could contact the blogshop owners via the email address you see on the right.

Quick and efficient - pretty much sums up how their service has been like to me. My order was finalised and on its way to my doorstep within two hours. Correspondence has been very pleasant. So I'm very happy. What I liked most, however, is the systematic way they used in finalising orders from customers.

All order details were put into charts. Which made everything so much easier for me to read, as compared with certain blogshops that type all the orders out in sentences and paragraphs. I'm not saying that it's bad, it's just that I find this method much easier on the eyes.

I've been on a strict "no online shopping" diet for over two months now. But I have to say that when I saw this top, I couldn't resist. 

The Savannah Toga Cape Top. 
I was lucky enough to have gotten the very last piece. 

I really couldn't help myself. I had vivid fantasies of myself looking gorgeous in this. I had to buy it immediately. You could wear it for either a day at the office, or a casual day out. Depending on how you wear it. Slacks or a pencil skirt for work, shorts or skinnies for play. This is a top that adds a touch of subtle elegance to your ensemble.

Made from about two layers of chiffon, the top is soft and fluid to the touch. I especially loved how the material moves and flows along with my body when I put it on. 

The stitching of the top is done pretty well. It's safe to say that the top definitely wouldn't fall apart after a few washes. I actually believe it's quite durable. 

The verdict:
I enjoyed my shopping experience, and I got a great top that's well worth my money. I love Bluey Joyce Online Boutique. It's one of those blogshops that sell clothes that are appropriate for both work and play. I especially recommend it for girls who are looking to spicing up their workwear. You'll find loads of chic, versatile and affordable formal wear here.

Till next time!

Au revoir, beautiful ones. XOXO

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