Friday, January 25, 2013

Leopard Print and Men

Now, leopard print on women has always been a subject of debate in the fashion world. If done right, it can come off as luxurious, sexy and somewhat elegant. If done wrong, however, you might end up looking like a trashy transvestite.

So in conclusion, leopard print on women, do it right, then hell freaking yes, it will look extremely sexy. 

But leopard print on men?

Please keep in mind that I am speaking of the print. Not of genuine fur. I am not an advocate of animal cruelty, and I will never, ever, wear genuine fur. I am strongly against wearing genuine fur on any part of your body.

I was going through the Burberry Men's Fall/Winter 2013 collection the other day, and I'll be really frank here, I would have loved it, until I saw the leopard print.
It hurt my eyes so badly I cried. 

I don't know about you girls, but I find nothing manly about a man in leopard print, or animal print. It reminds me too much of cruel hunters who put animal heads on their walls as trophies. It is disgusting. True, a bit of animal print adds a touch of style. But all over? No. It's too overwhelming. 

Personally, if a guy clad in animal print tried to ask me out on a date, no matter how hot he looks, I'd turn him down. Because at first glance, I would begin to question not only the sexuality of the man, I would also wonder if he was rendered temporarily blind when choosing his outfit for the day, and has not looked in the mirror since. 

Unless, well, you're actually Tarzan. Who swings on vines, and has the ability to tree surf. And kill evil tigers with his bare hands.
Why, hello there, you hot piece of shaggable manhood. 

'Till next time.
xoxo, darlings.

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