Friday, January 18, 2013

8 Tricks to Hide the Tummy Bulge

So, Chinese New Year is right around the corner. And we all know what that means.

No. It's not all about the angpau-s. Or losing money after gambling with your cousin and your cousin's cousin's second cousin twice removed.

One of the major woes I've found in most women I know whenever it comes to CNY, is that bloody tummy bulge you always get after eating too many CNY cookies, or whatever your relatives stuff you with after exclaiming "YOU'RE SO SKINNY! EAT MORE!"

Then you go home and have a good look in the mirror and shriek at your husband/boyfriend/brother/sister/close relative/mother/father/whoever is near you saying "OH GOD I LOOK SO FAT!"

While I don't have a magical wand that I can wave to make the fats go away, neither do I know of any miracle weight loss programs, I do have a few tricks for you to hide the bulge... Besides sucking it in.

1. Empire Waist Tops
This is one of the easiest ways to hide that tiny belly. Empire waist anything fits neatly at your bust, then drapes softly all the way down without clinging to your body. Perfect for hiding the bulge after being stuffed with one cookie too many!

While we're on the subject of tops, a V-neck or open neck top/dress creates the perfect distraction from the midsection, directing the eye towards the face. They also help create the illusion of being taller and slimmer. Steer clear of tight-fitting and/or cropped tops. You are trying to hide the belly. Not show it off to the rest of the world.

2. A-Line Skirts
Here's another sure-fire way to flatten your stomach in an instant. An A-line skirt, long or short, flows easily over your midsection, giving the illusion of a flat stomach. Plus, they're wonderfully versatile. I'd suggest you get one with an elastic waistband if you're planning to pig out on the day itself.

3. Wrap dresses
THANK YOU Diane Von Furstenberg for putting the wrap dress back on the fashion map back in 1973. Up to this day, these dresses have remained immensely popular (check, Kate Middleton's engagement dress). If there's any dress that will flatter your round stomach, it's this one. 

Pick a dress that touches or reaches slightly above your knee. For petite girls, a shorter skirt will make your legs look longer.

4. Vertical patterns and stripes
Vertical stripes, or clothes with vertical patterns tend to give a long and leaner look. Plus, a busier pattern gives the illusion of a flatter stomach.

Here's a tip: the narrower the stripes are, the thinner you'll look. Avoid patterns that are too big or too loud. Smaller patterns help "shrink" your body a whole lot more. Try not to wear anything in a diagonal pattern. These clothes will make you look shorter, wider and place a bigger emphasis on your little belly. 

5. Ruched Clothes
Clothes that are ruched have gathered areas of material that makes you look more "pulled in". I would also recommend tops or dresses made out of flowy and soft material. Scalloped hemlines are a huge help too.
6. Peplums

Peplums. These things seem to be getting quite prominent in the fashion scene in Malaysia. And while I'm still pretty much on the fence about them, I have to admit that they do conceal unwanted areas very well, while giving your figure a nicer silhouette.

7. Fitted blazers

The general reaction that most women have once they start to show a bit of weight is to reach for their baggiest, most oversized clothes in order to conceal it all. Now, why would you want to hide your beautiful womanly curves? Flaunt it, sister! In fact, clothes that are too big on you, tend to make you look bigger than you really are.

So pick something that fits. Like a good fitted blazer. Perfect for the office, or just too look a bit more dressed up. Find one that nips right at the waist, and choose a fabric with a bit of a stretch so that it enhances your curves while hiding the belly. They'll never know the difference. 

8. Good lingerie.
Did you know that a good pair of lingerie is actually more useful than a good outfit? Other than to make you feel more confident on the inside, and seduce your man in bed, these things can help shape and sculpt your body to near perfection. Believe it or not, a good pair of underwear can give you more cleavage, more curves, and even hide your tummy.

Here's where shapewear comes in. This is an amazing way to disguise your extra flab and create a gorgeous silhouette. You'll look a whole size smaller. With these babies, you'll be able to run around in your tightest mini dresses and not worry about anything spilling out. Just make sure you get the right size. You'll want to feel comfortable. 

So, there you go. 8 tricks to hide the tummy bulge. I really hope this helps. But ladies, please remember, no matter what you wear, it's more important to feel confident on the inside. You're beautiful no matter what they tell you.

Till next time.

xoxo, darlings!

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