Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to: 6 ways to wear a skater dress

I think it's safe to say that if you don't own a skater dress, you're probably not aware of how useful these things are. You're missing out. Probably one of the most versatile dresses known to the fashion world, this is a dress that you can wear for virtually any occasion. You'd be surprised, it's actually quite easy to change it up.

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1. Rock and Edgy

This is pretty much an "I-want-to-beat-someone-up" outfit. I'd normally wear this when I'm in a bad mood. If you don't own a leather jacket, it's a good idea to invest in one. They almost never go out of style. And they're great for adding a bit of an edge to your ensemble. 

2. Laid back and chic

This is actually how I'd wear my skater dress on a daily basis - when I'm far too lazy to think of what to wear. Perfect for looking casual, yet dressed up. You can do away with the cardigan and the fedora if you like. I think it'll still look pretty great.

3. Dainty Daisy

If you have some fancy afternoon tea with the family coming up soon, then this would be a great combo for you. Also great to look all sweet and sugary for a date with the boy next door you've been eyeing for ages, or brunch with the girls.

No, you don't have to wear the hat. Although, it does add on to the sophisticated air in this ensemble, don't you agree? Kinda makes you look like the sweeter version of Selina Kyle from Dark Knight Rises.

4. The Not-so-boring Office Chick

We all get tired of our office wear after a while. The usual white blouse and pencil skirt or slacks can get boring. So get that skater dress out and have some fun. Just make sure the length of the skirt is according to the office dress code. 

I'd suggest pairing it with a fitted blazer, for a more formal office look. I love how the red belt makes the whole outfit pop. 

5. Going Boho in a skater dress

Now, whoever said you can't go boho in a skater dress? This is probably my favourite combination out of the 6 I've done (I have a weakness for hippie-wear). Simply add a denim vest or a jacket and a brown woven belt to make this otherwise rather dainty dress a bit more rugged.

6. Glamorous in Lace 

Great for either a fancy dinner, or a partying at a nightclub, you could ditch the lace stockings and replace the pumps with something else (just make sure that it's one of those va-va-voom pumps i.e.: tons of shiny glitter, studs, etc. else the look may not look as attention grabbing). I personally feel the lace stockings make the entire outfit much more eye-catching.

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