Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fashion Review: All Things Neon

First off, hello dear readers! I'm finally back. Happy 2013! Good to see that we proved the Mayans wrong. No asteroid or earthquakes got us so, let's brace ourselves for a great year ahead, shall we?

Now for the blogpost.

Back in Spring/Summer 2012, pastels were the IT colours in Malaysia. Just, Malaysia. The neon trend, as far as my powers of observation go, was never really much of a thing until quite recently. Personally, I love colours.

While I am a staunch believer in the fact that monochromes, and black and white are pretty much evergreen, they tend to get boring after a bit. A splash of colour in any outfit makes it stand out a lot more, don't you agree?

However, if you wanted my personal opinion, I would not be caught dead in neon. At least not all over me. Perhaps an accessory or two, but no, not my entire ensemble. I say this for one very simple reason:

1. Neon colours are essentially highlighter colours. I do not want to look like a highlighter.
2. Neon colours can make you look like a brightly lit sign post. I do not want to look like a brightly lit sign post.
3. Neon colours are extremely difficult to carry off. You need a certain skin tone to carry it off. Either really fair or really dark. I am tanned. Stuck in the middle, I am too lazy to figure out the colour scheme at the moment.

But that's my personal opinion.

I don't deny, however, that neon colours can make your outfit very interesting. Given that they give it a very attractive pop of colour, it's a great way to light up a plain coloured ensemble. You just really need to know how to wear the colour.

The safest way to wear neon, I believe, is as an accessory. That is not to say I am afraid of experimenting with my clothes, nor unwilling to wear bright colours. I am, but with certain conditions. It is an absolute fashion crime to walk out of your house looking like a highlighter. It really is.

So if you're a little safe (like me, I contradict myself), try wearing a simple black dress with a bright neon clutch, or a white top and jeans with a bright pink neon necklace or earrings. Choose a part of your outfit that you want to stand out, and you'll look amazing.

However, that is not to say that one cannot look good when one is completely clad in neon. You just need a lot of guts and a very VERY good sense of colour coordination, pairing and a clear idea of what looks good against your skin tone, and what doesn't. It also helps when you have a certain type of personality. You cannot be an unhappy emo goth chick who looks like she is going to commit suicide at any time and expect to look good in neon.
Till next time, xoxo, darlings. 

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