Monday, February 25, 2013

7 Reasons Why You Should Dress Up For Work

Yes, I'm back. That week long hiatus does wonders for the brain.

Oh, and Happy Monday, folks!

I can't quite come up with a proper introduction for this, except... I cannot stress enough how important it is to dress up for work. Sure, you'll have days when you just can't be arsed to pull out a nice shirt for work (especially right after holidays, or the weekend. That kills.)

So here are 7 reasons why you actually SHOULD be arsed to dress up for work, especially helpful on days when you can't be arsed. At all.

1. Just in case 

Aside from impressing the boss for that promotion, gaining respect from your co-workers and yadda yadda (boring stuff we all know about), you never really know when a new, muscular, hot-looking Abercrombie & Fitch male model-esque colleague would join the work force.

One can dream, and yes, it is entirely possible.

And when he does, you'll be glad you've read this. Same goes to men. Except, well, it would be a hot new lady worker, of course. Unless you swing that way.

2. Self esteem

I don't know about you, but it always makes me feel a lot better when I dress up for work. Kinda makes me feel more confident about myself, like a "ha-ha I look hotter in my brand new Ralph Lauren dress than all you sad people who don't own a new dress and you do not need to know I got it at half price at a clearance sale."

Jokes aside, the confidence part really works. Really.

3. It's fun

It is. It totally is. What, you think thinking up different style combos every day isn't fun? Try it. It's bloody addictive.

4. Flaunt it, honey.

Why on Earth would anyone want to buy nice clothes then leave them at the back of their closets for the next century or so? Take them out, and wear them. It's not only a waste of good clothes, but a waste of good money.

And for pete's sake. If you've got it, flaunt it!

5. Revenge

Trust me, honey. Once they see you all perfectly dressed and prettier than they will ever be, they will be jealous. Remember those snide remarks they've passed that were so obviously directly at you that they pretend that they were talking about their non-existent cousin Mary?

Take a deep breath and think how gloriously delicious it'll feel once they go green with envy at how much better looking you are than they can ever hope to be.

6. It defines who you are

Come off it. You should know. The way you dress pretty much tells everyone what kind of person you are, because as much as we hate to admit it, we all judge the books by their covers.

It's proven, you know. Employers are more likely to promote the person who is arsed about how they look at work than the person who can't be arsed. Why? Because it shows that they're arsed about themselves. People like those come off as people far more competent about their work than the rest of the "can't be arsed" people.

That aside, you wouldn't want to turn up looking like a boring dork and say "Hey, Mr. Hot Co-worker, come fuck me!", would you?

Because we can all have an ending like Ugly Betty. Tell me when you're done prancing in fairyland then I'll introduce you to my pet unicorn.

7. Because you deserve to

You are so much more than what you make yourself up to look like. I'm sure of that. So make yourself feel good. Wear a nice dress, do something a little different with your hair, draw on some eyeliner or something. It makes all the difference. Once you look great, you'll feel great. Confidence is what truly makes us sexy.

And that in itself will attract all the attention you can ever want from your workforce. The right kind, of course.

'Till next time.
xoxo, darlings!

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