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Blogshop Review: Sista Closette

16 January 2012

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Confession time. I'm an obsessive blog-shopper. There. I've said it. It's so addictive, that once I start, I won't stop. And the best part of it all is when my package arrives. 'Cos it's always like Christmas morning when it does.

But despite this addiction, there's always been one issue I have with blogshops - reliability. Because you never know if the clothes are good enough, or if the clothes genuinely fit, or (god forbid) if the blogshop was actually a scam. So maybe you'd find this quite useful.

Previously mentioned in this post, I've revealed my resolve to stick to buying only a Cheongsam top and a qipao for Chinese New Year. Due to my busy schedule, I've had no choice but to do my CNY shopping online.

It wasn't easy, but I will say that I've finally found my perfect Cheongsam Top for CNY.

At this point, I must credit for making my search so much easier.

Blogshop: Sista Closette

A quick look:
Based on what I've seen, this is a blogshop that caters to the more simplistic, girly and casual fashionista, with bits of party dresses here and there. 

This is actually my first time shopping here, and I'm liking the layout of their page. Simple, clean, and accessible. 

Ordering method:
Copy pasting order form on blog and emailing. I'm really not all that fussy about ordering methods, as long as I get replied in a timely manner. 

As a first time shopper at Sista Closette, I was impressed with their service. They replied very quickly - within a maximum of 2 hours, to my email (I've had blogshops who've never replied at all).

I've had no problem whatsoever with them, and corresponding with them has been very pleasant.

Payment method:
Bank transaction. Payment was nice and easy. When it comes to a bank transaction payment, as long as the blogshop owner provides you with the correct bank account number, you're pretty much good to go.

Unless, there's a glitch in the banking system. At least, that's what I've experience so far.

To be honest, I've never been fussy about packaging, as long as the clothes come delivered intact. Although it IS wonderful to receive my clothes, wrapped up in nice packaging. It makes the entire process of receiving the package itself much more thrilling.

There was nothing special about the packaging of my top. Just a simple plastic cover over it. But, no complaints as the top came intact.


You know what they say about never judging a book by its cover? The same can be said about the way my top came to me. Not much to say about the packaging, but the material is superb.

It's made of thick cotton spandex, and highly stretchable. So it's safe to say that if you're a larger M, say.... UK12, the top should still fit. For RM40, this top is well worth the money... Considering the market price of Cheongsam tops out there (RM100 and above, I kid you not).

I loved feeling the material. Nice and smooth.

Single Mandarin button detail on each side.

As I examined the stitching (which is quite well done), I noticed.... This.

'L?? I thought they said free size?????' I thought to myself, panicking. I'm a size S. I'd be swimming in an L. My heart sank. There I thought I'd wasted RM46 (plus postage). But I decided to put it on anyway.

To my delight, the top actually fit perfectly!

Now, I don't want to bore you with pictures of myself trying the thing on (I'm not that much of a vainpot). So I'll just show you this.

Image courtesy of

Because it really does look exactly like the pic in their blog. 

Do you see why I bought it? It's just the right balance between tradition, and modernism. Meaning, the look and design of it is traditional enough for me to proudly show off my heritage, yet modern and simple enough for me to mix and match with almost anything in my closet. For suggestions on how to pair a Cheongsam top, check out Fashion Tips and Tricks: The Cheongsam.

There's also a reason why I chose pink - so it doesn't look too Chinese New Year-ish. Hence, I can wear it even when it's not CNY, or a special event. Thank you, Sista Closette! Excellent decision in stocking this beauty!

The verdict:
I like Sista Closette. I think it's really got a good thing going there, and their stuff are really worth the price. I would definitely come back for a second spree. 

For those of you still stressing over getting a Cheongsam top, go on over to their blog real quick! Last I heard, stocks are running out so I'd suggest you hurry.

Till next time. Au revoir, darlings. xoxo 


  1. Tat day I saw this in shop RM50.
    but I tried. the tummy failed this shirt. =/

    Nice item u get. =)

  2. Ohh dear! :/
    Hmm.. If you're still looking for cheongsams, I've found this.

    Just bought a short cheongsam from them the other day. Hope this helps and thanks! :D