Friday, January 6, 2012

Spotlight: Rihanna (Grammys 2011)

6 January 2012

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Rihanna. Love the hair, not a fan of the music. Personally, I think she's a trend. Not so much of an artist. I remember having fantasies of breaking cell phones whenever my high school mates used them to blast "Umbrella" in class.... Again and again.

The "eh eh eh"-s were unbearable.

But, rest assured, her music has no bearing over my judgement of her fashion sense.

For my first-ever celebrity fashion review on my blog, I choose the dress she wore to the 2011 Grammy Awards.

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How she could smile so happily into the camera, while wearing this disaster, I have no idea. 
The hair is nice, I love the hair. And I actually do like her style... Most of the time. 
But this dress is just... Terrible. 

Okay, I know that RiRi has an awesome body (as my guy friends have reminded me SO many times). But for some reason, I feel that this number by Jean Paul Gaultier, does nothing for her figure. This dress somehow added 10 pounds on her. Maybe it's the ruffles. Too much. 

I mean, the first thing I noticed about her when I saw this picture wasn't even her face, or her hair. It was the dress. Or the ruffles, to be specific.

She looks like a Christmas tree. It's like someone used white ruffles as tinsel, and wrapped it all around her. Which, although appealing to some in the bedroom... Well, this is the Grammy's, sister. 

The verdict?

Not hot. Not at all. Urgh. What WAS she thinking? No, no. Was she even thinking.... AT ALL???

Till next time. Au revoir, sweeties. xoxo

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