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Appreciating Sexy Sepets

13 January 2012

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Ahh... The never-ending  monolid debate. Google "monolids" and there will always be questions along the lines of:

"Do you think monolids are pretty?"
"Eye make up for monolids."
"Make your monolid eyes BIGGER!"

Interestingly enough, double eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries among Asians. And while this isn't exactly a "fashion topic" (I think it's along the lines of "cosmetics"), I've been aching to voice my opinion on monolids for a long time now. So bear with me.

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Alright, I admit. I used to hate my monolids. I mean, come on, they're tiny - the perception of beautiful eyes were the doe-eyed double lids. They disappear into two thin lines whenever I smiled or laughed. Which was downright annoying, and it didn't help that I was an insecure teenager at the time - all the popular girls had double eyelids. What made things worse, was the fact that it was so difficult for me to do my eye make up because it all just disappears underneath my lids.

So I did everything in my power to give myself double eyelids. I stuck double eyelid stickers, and used up bottles after bottles of double eyelid glue. The only thing I refused to do, was undergo cosmetic surgery because I had a fear of needles.

It wasn't until about a year ago that I finally learned to appreciate my god-given sepet eyes (sepet is a Malay term for monolid). And at this point, I wouldn't trade my monolid eyes for anything in the world.

Monolid eyes are sexy. Full stop. Do your make up right, and they'll give you a harmonious blend of sexy and exotic. And frankly, that's what makes us Asians so special.

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It's also what Caucasians crave for. Because it's a trait that's unique only to us. No offense, white people.  Believe it or not, there are actually people out there who WISH they had monolid eyes.

And do you know what they call us monolid-eyed beauties? The exotic oriental beauty. 

Just the words alone are enough to make me feel tingly all over. 

Plonk a monolid-eyed girl in a sea of double eye-lidded girls, she'll stand out immediately. And like I've mentioned before, why blend in, when you can stand out? 

Classic beauty!

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I understand that people with monolid eyes look half-awake all the time, but that's what make-up is for, darlings. Although I do believe that they're cute just the way they are. But that's just me. So for those of you who have been stressing about make up for your monolid eyes, here are some tutorials that might help.

One for a quick on-the-go look, you'll only need eyeliner and mascara:

And a more edgier look. Something you can put on if you were... Say, going to a party.

Found on YouTube, done by frmheadtotoe

So, for you beautiful monolid-eyed girls out there, fret not. You're beautiful, just the way you are. Sounds like I picked the verse out of a corny Bruno Mars song, but it's true. Your beautiful monolid eyes are what make you special, and exotic. And that's how we Asians are supposed to be - exotic. You don't need blepharoplasty. Just slap on the right make up, and work it. 

Besides, I think monolid eyes carry out the sexy cat-eye look SO much better than our double eyelid counterparts. Don't you? 

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I'm not condemning people who have or are planning to go through the surgery. I'm just saying I think you're beautiful enough already, and you don't need it. But, if it makes you feel better, go right ahead. I don't judge. 

As for me, I'm happy the way I am. Sepet, and proud of it!

Till next time. Au revoir, darlings. xoxo

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